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Cutting for a Cure

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During a recent salon meeting, I was touched to learn all the reasons why my fellow stylists have chosen to do what they do. When my salon leader asked this question, it really got me thinking. Many different paths have lead us all to the same place--to be a hairdresser. Within our trade, we have a language that only we speak to each other. We work to translate our passion and language to our clients. Here's just one example:

Debbie is that client who makes your day better just by sitting in your chair. When I got the news that Debbie had breast cancer I was heartbroken but I knew she would be a fighter. The following week I came into my busy salon and noticed that Debbie was on schedule for a haircut. I prepared myself for what could potentially be the hardest haircut I would ever have to do. Sure it was the same precision snips, texturizing, and styling that I perform day in and day out, but this haircut would be much more difficult. As Debbie, came in, I saw the devastation on her face, in her weight loss and on her general demeanor. It took everything in me not to break down and cry out of compassion, but I didn't. I held my composure as I walked her back to my station. Her words will always stay with me, "Britt, I know that after my radiation and chemo, I will most likely lose all of my hair, but i just wanted you to be able to cut it one last time."

This moment is a prime example of what I have been emphasizing all along. She wasn't here for the actual haircut, but more for the feeling of getting her hair done. It was so moving to know, that in her darkest of times, she thought of me as someone to brighten her day. When we were done with her hair, she looked like she had been reborn, her face lit up in happiness and I couldn't help but smile. Debbie then thanked me and told me how much she appreciated me as a stylist. Every stylist has the ability to play a part in cutting for a cure. Whether it be cutting to make someone's bad day better or to make someone forget the stress in their daily life or, as in Debbie's case, just trying to make a really bad situation seem hopeful. We are all cutting for a cure, and it's our job as hair artists to discover what we can cure. I cut to make the world a more beautiful place and to fight off the ugliness.