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Giving Back: Sharing Haircuts

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When our PR Director Diane Daly came to me recently to recruit young models for our Share A Haircut campaign, my daughter and niece were beyond willing to grab their 15 minutes in the spotlight.  I explained that all they had to do was sit in the chair of a very nice Stylist (Erin McGann from one of our Arlington hair salons) and get their hair cut.  My eight-year-old niece Lauren had grander aspirations and asked, “You mean there are no speaking parts?”

I was excited to help promote this program as well.  I knew that Hair Cuttery has been able to donate over 500,000 back-to-school haircuts to underprivileged children in our communities since the program started in 1999.  More importantly, I had photographed program events over the ten years I’ve been with Ratner Companies and had seen firsthand the pride on children’s faces as they admired themselves in our salon mirrors.  I knew we weren’t simply donating haircuts; we were giving them confidence…and letting them know we care.

The spot was filmed at the Shirlington Village Hair Cuttery, an Alexandria hair salon where Erin had worked before behind the chair.  I explained to them how the program was helping other kids just like them who needed haircuts for back to school.  The girls were great and smiled sweetly for the camera.  Lauren got a sleek stacked bob and Rachel had a few layers cut into the ends of her hair.  They both walked away happy with their haircuts and also genuinely glad to have helped other children!