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Pink Rocks the Runway


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Last week, we attended an event in Washington, DC, called "Pink Rocks the Runway." It was a fundraiser for PINK JAMS!, a small organization that focuses on raising awareness of breast cancer in younger women. The woman who founded PINK JAMS! did so after best friend died of breast cancer at the age of 32. She, along with many friends, couldn't believe that breast cancer had taken the life of such a young, vibrant woman.

When we learned about about PINK JAMS!, we realized  we needed to do something to help. For our company, it was a natural fit. After all, most of the Stylists  who work for us are women and many of them are in the 20/30 year-old range. Plus, we knew that we could bring something really special to the table--our talented Stylists! Also, our good friend, Christian Siriano, was headlining the evening and showing his Spring '12 Collection. Christian started out as a receptionist at Bubbles (our sister salon) before becoming a fabulous fashion designer (via the Bravo show, Project Runway).

It was such a moving event. The show began with a video about 14 young survivors in different stages of recovery. Then the lights came up and each of those survivors rocked the runway in a custom-made pink gown. Some of them were bald because of the chemotherapy, while others had hair that was just growing in. Our team of Stylists and makeup artists consulted with each woman to create the look she wanted to make her feel really beautiful. The women looked absolutely fabulous as 600 guests stood on their feet applauding and there wasn't a dry eye in the place!

These women are such an inspiration by having the courage to step out onto the runway to try and prevent what happened to them, happening to someone else. It was also really wonderful that our company was willing and able to support the cause in a meaningful way. It was incredibly fulfilling to be there to honor these beautiful, smart, resilient women. They definitely Rocked the Runway!

Diane Daly, Director, Ratner Companies