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Buzz Cut

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My son is two-and-a-half and when the days turned ultra-hot this summer in Northern Virginia (some sort of penance for the 36” of snow we weathered several months back), his thick blonde hair started to make him sweat. So when the family was due for haircuts last week, we visited our local Hair Cuttery hair salon prepared to get him a cooler style.
We went to the Springfield Hair Cuttery and the hairstylist asked as usual what we wanted done. My husband and I decided on a #3 razor for the back of our son's neck and the sides.  Then, as the hairstylist buzzed his neck and tufts of hair began to hit the floor, we decided what the heck –it would always grow back – and asked her to shave the top as well. This utilitarian haircut makes him look adorable and he likes to run his hand over the soft stubble. When we got home we tried it out in the afternoon heat, in the sprinkler on the front lawn, and he was cool as a cucumber in his new haircut.