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Growing It Out

Alicia Boal


I ran into my friend Darren the other day and I couldn’t help but notice his dashing new haircut.  The last time I saw him his hair was almost chin length and he was “growing it out." You can imagine my surprise when I saw his long black locks were no more.  I complimented his haircut and his response, “you like?….I got it at Hair Cuttery” as he smiled and nodded his head is approval.   Of course, I was thrilled because I know how amazing our Stylists are but to know he trusted our experts to chop off what he worked so hard to grow out, makes me even happier.  Not to mention, it looked AMAZING.

Darren was very eager to share with me his experience at the Waldorf, Maryland Hair Cuttery and I was happy to listen.  After he gave his client card, he went to Rose’s chair and proceeded to not only receive a great haircut, but also got to know Rose a little better.  He said she was very professional and very friendly as she told him about her experience as a Stylist at Hair Cuttery and her wonderful family.  Darren felt completely at ease as his Rose clipped away.  After the haircut he knew he would be coming back.  Not only was he delighted with his haircut but Rose really took the time to make a connection with him.

After chatting with Darren about his experience, I had an even greater sense of pride.  Hair Cuttery is a company that is all about the people whether you are an Associate or a client.  Our Stylists’ dedication to making their clients happy shines through in all of our salons from Chicago to South Florida.  Be sure to check out to find the closest location to you!