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From Our Stylists: Just Hair? I Don’t Think So.

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My job, although it seems apparently simple, is in reality so much more than that. I have people in my hands and what is most precious to them: their face and their hair. I have the power to make them smile, gain their trust and build their confidence.

I began doing hair at the age of fourteen, which to most, is unbelievable but to me it is just another day doing what I love. Over the past five years, I have been working in the Hollymead Hair Cuttery. I have been able to grow up in an industry I admire so much. During this time, I have been forced to grow up and stop letting other people define me. Instead, I have learned values that are essential for life. I learned how to use my voice and my talent to help others, and make this world  more beautiful, one head at a time.

A day at work is not just doing hair; for me, it is an art. To some I may just be a hairdresser, but to me it means so much more than that. It is about building relationships and turning someone's bad day into a better one. It's about accountability when I make mistakes and knowing how to fix them. The moment I realized this was what I wanted to do was the day I had my first repeat client, Harley. This was the day I realized I had the ability to leave a lasting impression on another human being. I have the ability to make people happier, make them feel more beautiful and that makes all the difference.

(Britt Taylor is a new HC blogger who works in our Mid-Atlantic Region.)