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Founder/CEO/Stylist of Hair Cuttery on the Universal Laws of Success


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(The following blog is from Dennis Ratner, Founder/CEO/Stylist of Hair Cuttery.)

Last month, I was invited to lecture at the Business School at Yale in New York City. My topic was the "Universal Laws of Success." I have practiced these fundamental laws for years both personally and professionally.

These laws--consistency, good attitude, positive thinking, cause and effect, and effort equals reward--are so simple and yet very few people actually know them. People are fascinated when they hear me speak about these laws especially when I explain that those who choose to apply these principals do better than those who don't.

I spread the word about these Laws of Success because I am personally committed to having the Associates at Hair Cuttery succeed. As a company that puts our people first, I am accountable for providing as many tools and opportunities as possible for our Stylists! And that means supporting their career growth, their personal quality of life and their overall development as human beings.

To Hair Cuttery Clients and Stylists alike, I want the best for all of you. And I urge everyone to apply these laws every single day--they are sure to make a difference in your life! They certainly did for me.

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