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Shear Business

Alicia Boal


In July, The Washington Post published a story in its Sunday Magazine. The article, called "Shear Business," profiled Dennis and Ann Ratner, founders of Ratner Companies. The piece focused on the fact that Dennis and Ann were able to run and build the business despite having been divorced for many years. Of course, as a PR person, I was thrilled with the article, I mean-THE WASHINGTON POST- I thought I had died and gone to PR heaven! But more than that, I was very happy that their story was finally out there for all to read. Fast forward to this past Sunday; a client of one of our Hair Cuttery salons in Vienna, VA wrote a letter to The Post complimenting her hair Stylist of 16 years on her professionalism and technical skills, and adding "I wish they would take the business public-I'd be the first in line to buy the stock." It was a terrific testimonial. Later on that same Sunday, I attended a party with friends I had not seen in a while. Several mentioned the article, how interesting it was and how impressed they were with the story of Dennis and Ann. They were especially impressed about the "all about the people" culture that both Ratners espouse and live every single day. A few were already clients of our salons, a few of others said they would be inclined to go to one of our salons after learning about the to my ears. And there I was again- back in PR heaven! Visit to find out more about our unique company and culture."