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My Favorite HC Stylists Contest (South & North Chicago Winners)


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The winners of the "My Favorite Stylist" contest from Chicago are Sarah Redenbo from our Riverside Plaza salon in south Chicago and Robbie DeLulio from our Trio Salon in north Chicago. (For more information regarding the judging of the contest, visit our blog from April 25.)

Sarah Redenbo
started with Hair Cuttery in 2003 and hasn't looked back yet. "I love working with people," Sarah says, "especially my clients." She says that she always uses WOW Service because "by utilizing all of the steps properly, I'm able to become totally familiar with my clients' hair as well as their needs." Her advice to her colleagues is simple: "Love what you do and get really good at it. After that, you're set for life," she laughs. Now, here's what Sarah's clients had to say about her:

Sarah is always bright, cheerful and outgoing. I love going to her because she does such a wonderful job and is always available when I need her most. Sarah always knows the best trends and helps me to figure out what's right for me. I've watched her interact with all sorts of people from little kids to older adults and she treats them all the same--with respect! Hair Cuttery is very blessed to have such a talented and wonderful person working for them.

Jennifer Downs


I took my mother in for her very first haircut in a salon and Sarah turned out to be our stylist. Well, my mom snipped and snapped the whole time (I was dying from embarrassment every minute). Throughout the process, Sarah was very positive and took all the backlash from mom who, when she walked out of the salon, was a very, very happy camper. She absolutely loved her hair. It takes a special stylist to handle a 55-year-old woman who was worse than a screaming and crying five-year-old child. But now my mom religiously goes to Sarah to get her hair cut. And so do I. Sarah remembers every detail about our family and that makes us feel very special indeed and why she's a top stylist.

Krystal Depew


I can tell that Sarah is in love with her job and it's refreshing to see someone so happy in the workplace. I am always 100% satisfied with my service and can't wait to show off my new hair. Sarah knows what she is doing and I feel very comfortable with her, knowing that she will be meticulous and make sure that my hair looks perfect. Sarah is a fantastic stylist and she always impresses me on every single visit.
Lauren Schlink


Robbie DeLulio has been with Hair Cuttery for just over 14 months having worked as an educator in the beauty business as well as various salons. He says that Hair Cuttery has been his best experience to date. "I like bringing out the best possible hair on every single client," he says. "And every single stylist out there should be taking advantage of the WOW Service techniques because they've absolutely worked for me." Robbie's specialty is color and he is passionate about adding color to peoples' lives. Here's a sampling of what Robbie's clients had to say about him:

Robbie is the best stylist I have ever had. In fact, I have continued seeing Robbie even after moving 45 minutes away because I wouldn't want anyone else doing my hair. Robbie has perfected the color and technique for my difficult hair and he works with my tight schedule to make my appointments convenient. Not only that, I enjoy each of our visits because he is so great to talk to. I truly appreciate Robbie and I think he is an exceptionally talented stylist.

Katy Sourk


Robbie is a super caring stylist who I believe does a really professional job every time he works on me. I mean this guy cuts a boss!

Sergio Arrieta-Ojeda


It's obvious to me that Robbie sure knows what he's doing. He's a pro at what he does. He also has great charisma which makes for an entertaining time in his chair.
Brandon Frei