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Week of Winners Highlight Stylist Appreciation Week & the Mid-Atlantic Winner


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In anticipation of Stylist Appreciation Day, which will be observed this Saturday, April 30, we asked our stylists and clients to tell us about their favorite stylist on Facebook. Well, the response was fantastic. We heard from people all over country who raved about their favorite stylist.

We will be announcing our regional winners throughout the week so come back often to check out who won and why. Now, just a quick word about judging--since this was a highly subjective contest, when a client sent in your name and told us why you  were the best, your name went into a pool of possible winners. And, each time a client sent us a nomination, your name was entered again. Then, we randomly drew for winners from each region from the pool of names. Stay tuned for more exciting chances to win.

Congratulations to all of our nominees. Now, here's our first winner from the Mid-Atlantic Region.

The Mid-Atlantic regional winner of the "My Favorite Stylist" contest is Brittany Taylor who works at our Hollymead Town Center salon. Britt, as she is known by her friends, has been working for Hair Cuttery for five years starting as a receptionist before beginning to cut hair two years later. Never one to sit still for long, Britt has entered her work in the prestigious North American Hairstyling Awards (which she plans on doing again in 2012) and actually taking the bronze medal at the Skills USA national competition in 2009. Britt says that listening to her clients is key because "that's where you learn everything you need about what you're about to do." Currently, she is studying for a public relations degree (in addition to working in the salon) and hopes to become a platform artist one day. Now, let's hear what her clients are saying about their favorite stylist, Britt Taylor:

Britt has been cutting my hair for years now. She also cuts my wife's hair as well as my two sons. She always does a great job and she always keep us entertained while we are there. She is a Master Stylist, and she does a great job balancing her career with going to school fulltime. Love ya, Britt!

Ricky Morris


My whole family goes to see Brittany in her salon. She has her own personal touch with my hair and that's what keeps me coming back to see her. When I go to see Brittany she either cuts, dyes or perms my hair. And, even though she is an amazing hair stylist, my favorite part about going to see her is the way she interacts with her clients. Whenever I go in, we talk about everything from work to the newest episodes of "Vampire Diaries." But when my son goes in, he goes on and on about baseball. Even though Brittany clearly has no idea about the topic, she still talks to him about it. That's what I call being involved with your clients.
Donna Geary
Britt has this way of talking to you that makes you have all the trust in the world that she knows what she's doing. And she does! My favorite part about having Britt do my hair is that she makes sure that you both are on the same page. The last thing she would ever do is displease the client in any way. And as someone who has had their hair cut from Britt on several occasions, I can say without a doubt that she has the most talent for hair styling that I have ever seen. I have been to many different stylists in the past but none of them treated me with the same cordiality that Britt does. I recommend Britt to all my family and friends.
Katie G.