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Celebs “GO LONG!” At the Oscars

Alicia Boal


With ponytails, long waves, heavy bangs and buns, the stars took a simplistic approach to runway hair at this year's Academy Awards. Check out some of the top picks by Hollywood's pickiest critics - hey, maybe you'll get inspired to re-create an Oscar-worthy look of your own!
All the talk may be about the Red Carpet, but don't miss the hair buzz from the Oscars after parties - when ALL the celebrities come out to play, because JLo’s wardrobe malfunction is getting old pretty quickly.


Listen, Oscars…you're cute and everything, but first of all, put some clothes on. Secondly, give Brad a run for his money and get yourself some extensions. You need to look good if you’re going to be stashed in Meryl Streep’s attic...