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Best Hair in a Supporting Role


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Moonstruck Movie PosterRemember the last time you saw a movie and the actors' hair stole the show? Well, we always notice the do's (and don'ts). Following are a few of our favorites, what's yours?

1) Walk the Line--Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon as June Carter Cash sporting a new, fabulous look in every scene.

2) 10--Bo Derek with cornrows, enough said.

3) Out of Africa--Robert Redford slowly washing Meryl Streep's hair outside in Africa.

4) Legends of the Fall--Hard to choose between Julia Ormond's luscious tresses or Brad Pitt's grunge/sensitive New Age cowboy hair.

5) Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion--The hair was second only to the costumes.

6) Elizabeth--Cate Blanchett's golden locks were majestic.

7) Moonstruck--With some color and product Cher's hair went from blah to beautiful.

8) Ondine--Colin Farrell as an Irish fisherman sporting a head of hair that most men can only dream about.

9) No Country For Old Men--Javier Bardem's bowl cut was a killer!

10) Star Wars--Memorable for Princess Leia's ear buns.

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