Professional Hair Color vs. Box Color

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This weekend I was applying hair color to one of my regular color clients when she mentioned that her hair felt so much better since I began to to do her color. She had also been receiving more compliments on her shade and how rich it looked. In past years she had always used box color from the grocery store and liked the color. We chatted a little about some of the differences and as a result she gave me a chance to work my magic. The immediate result was she loved the color, richness and depth it had. Her previous color looked good but this looked amazing. She has stuck with me with her color since that day.

Fast forward a year and not only does she still love the color but she loves the way her hair feels. She says it is healthier, has more natural body and a lot less frizz. The color also lasts significantly longer so she doesn’t have to color as frequently as before.
I know a lot times when I talk to clients about hair color they think I’m just trying to sell them more services. While this may be true it is NOT the only reason, the main reason is that professional hair color applied by a professional is so much better for your hair. I went to school and took chemistry classes and color principles as well as the basic beauty classes. There is in fact a science a to professional hair color.

When you go to the store and buy a box color you get exactly that, a color out of a box that is generic and made for anyone. In addition the ingredients in box colors tend to be more damaging because for the box color to continue to exist it has to work. It is formulated to work on almost any hair type and uses higher concentrations of dye and developer. Box color also tends to look flat because it uses only one color dye.

When you come into the salon and see me I can look at your color and your hair and make educated decisions about how to get your desired color result. I look at the natural hair level and the undertones as well because those factor into our final result.  I NEVER use just one color, I create a formula often using 2 or 3 colors that gives you the best results. I can  adjust that formula based on the condition of your hair. I also have different techniques for applying color based on your hair condition. Applying color to hair in great condition is completely different from applying color to hair that has been damaged or is very porous. I care about the condition of your hair and want to make it look great and feel great. Over a period of time professional color will still have your hair feeling healthy while long term box color use tends to dry hair and leave it looking dull.

Some other factors in the debate between box color and professional color is the actual application process. Once the color and developer are mixed there is a time frame in which the color is applied and allowed to process. I can color your hair much faster and more thoroughly that you can yourself. I won’t miss spots on the back of your head and if for some reason I run out I can mix up more right on the spot. And if when we’re all done and the shade isn’t quite what you wanted we can adjust it with a toner right there. As a professional i always want my clients to leave completely satisfied with the color and the service and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

As for the box color, I have seen some good color but more often than not, I see box color when someone is coming to me to fix it. And let me tell you color correction is an art and science all it’s own and it also isn’t cheap as it usually takes a couple steps to correct the damage and the color.

Another important thing to mention is that there is no reason to lie to your stylist about what is currently in your hair. I can’t do a complete job if i don’t have all the information. The most common client fib is “there isn’t any color in my hair”. This creates all kinds of problems and can waste your time and mine. Quick fact-color cannot lift color which means if you have already colored your hair at some point I can’t just put more color on to make it lighter, that requires a lightening process. It will cost you more money and possibly do needless damage to your hair.

Don’t forget at home care is important to color and making it last. If you are going to color your hair you need to use a shampoo and conditioner made for color treated hair. They are more delicate on the hair, help to seal in the color and protect from fading. There are a lot of color safe shampoos but the one I recommend the most AND use myself is Redken Color Extend. It is the best I have found and all my color clients swear by it as well.

So when it comes to hair color and wanting to make a change it really does make more sense to come and see me or another professional so you can look your best. I’d rather see you happy and looking your best than coming to me in tears because your box color turned out wrong. Don’t forget the Hair Cuttery has reasonable prices and packages so you can get the best service possible from a train, licensed professional!!