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Tips to Healthy Hair


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The other day I was poking around on the Internet and I came across where I saw a small article on ways to keep your hair healthy. And, while a couple of these tips may be redundant to some, it's always good to remember what we all can do to keep our hair shiny and healthy. Here is the checklist:

1) Brush Your Hair before washing it. This way you'll remove any dirt from your hair.
2) Massage Your Scalp. A gentle massage will boost your circulation.
3) Shampoo. Nobody can tell you how often you have to shampoo your hair. When you feel your hair is dirty, wash it gently with a shampoo that works on your hair.
4) Always Moisturize your hair.
5) Rinse your hair by using vinegar and, if possible, apple vinegar. Rinsing helps your hair shine.
6) Water. Try to use mildly cold water when washing your hair. Finish, if possible, with cold water--this will help close the cuticles.
7) Drying Your Hair. Let your hair dry naturally. Squeeze the water, and then use a towel to blot the hair. This way you'll have moisturized, healthy hair.
8) Hairbrush. Do not use a hairbrush until your hair is dry; the wet hair can be easily damaged. Avoid plastic hairbrushes as your hair will probably end up in knots.
9) Significant Factors to Consider. Age, sex, food, drink, tobacco and even the season of the year all have a big influence on hair growth. Have a  healthy life and you'll probably have healthy hair too!
10) Hair Styling. Try to avoid curling irons and hair-dryers to prevent hair damage. Also avoid heat and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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