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Hair Cuttery Highlights – Highly Recommended!

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I love being a mom and I love my kids, however the other day I realized I LOOKED like a typical suburban soccer mom. Yuck. I've never been a Barbie doll but in my head I'm still a hip 26-year-old, so I decided I needed a little fixing up. I took a chance (what the heck, hair grows back) and went to the Hair Cuttery salon in Springfield Plaza (by the KMart and Trader Joe's). A hairstylist named Carmen gave me a mid-length layered haircut that was similar enough to the photo of Gwyneth Paltrow I brought in.

I wouldn't have thought of hair color but the greatest part was that she gave me six highlights at $3 each, right on the top and front of my head, and it looks awesome! I'm a brunette and she used sort of a caramel toner on them. Couldn't believe it was only $18 bucks and it wasn't a huge change, I still look like my natural, semi-hippie self, but definitely cooler than the hairdo I was sporting before, which frankly kind of said, "I've given up." Pretty much made my day, so anyone else who's looking for a quick lift, I highly recommend Hair Cuttery wherever you are, whether it's Miami or Chicago!