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New Year Resolutions for Hair



You've probably made resolutions your whole life but have you ever made any regarding your hair? Following are a few from BV Hair Talk. See if any are right for you.

1) Stop referring to your hair as "good" or "bad." Healthy hair is good hair. Period, end of discussion. Using disparaging terms to refer to your crowning glory isn't the best way to enter this bright and beautiful new year.

2) Stay away from "Hand-in-Hair" Syndrome. Natural, relaxed or even woven in--constantly playing with your hair can be damaging. For us, it's almost instinctual to twirl our curls and locks, but it's better to leave them be and let your hair do its thing.

3) Try a protective style during the cold weather months. Two strand twists, kinky twists, cornrows, even a bun or a French braid qualifies as a style that'll keep your hair protected from harsh seasonal elements.

4) Let kids be kids. We're all guilty of having judgmental thoughts from time to time when we see someone with crazy hair. Resolve now that 2011 will be a different year and leave such negative thoughts behind. Encourage those who are brave enough to experiement with their look.

5) Find security in your own beauty. Don't look to a celebrity or your friend who has a different hair length or texture for your standard of beauty. So many of us look in the mirror and don't truly appreciate what we see. Take the time every day to smile at yourself, and affirm your own happiness with your reflection.

Happy New Year everyone and visit us at one of our many Hair Cuttery locations throughout the northeast, Chicago and Florida.