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Redken to the Rescue

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I have given my family’s hair a real beating this summer. We spent nearly three weeks at the ocean (although not all at one stretch) and we spend many evenings post dinner at the local neighborhood pool. It is amazing how quickly your hair can turn to straw, especially at the ends. I tried several kids swim shampoo products from the grocery store that claimed to remove chlorine and frankly, they didn’t do squat to fix our dry scarecrow locks. This was a real problem for my daughter, who hates getting her hair brushed if there are any tangles.So I decided to try professional hair care products and thought for all the sun, salt, sand and chlorine exposure we were getting, it would be worth the few extra dollars if it worked. I went to my local Alexandria hair salon and asked for a recommendation. The Hair Cuttery Stylist reached immediately, without hesitation, for some Redken products in orange bottles on the shelf. I selected a bottle of shampoo and conditioner.

They both smelled great, however I was thrown by the name of the product line, Color Extend Sun. Plus the conditioner was actually called an After –Sun Mask that I thought might be heavy for children’s hair. I explained to the Stylist I did not have hair color in my hair currently and that I would be using it on children. She assured me it would work on all hair types to help repair and protect from sun and chlorine damage.

I am now religiously using Redken Color Extend Sun After-Sun Shampoo and After-Sun Mask on the whole family’s hair until the summer ends and I am so happy with the results. My daughter's hair brushes through like a dream, and the rest of us have shiny, healthy hair styles.