4 Ways to Support your Stylist

Happy Hairstylist Appreciation Month! Let’s take a moment to recognize the talented artists who make our hair dreams come true. Whether you’re going bold with highlights, chopping off those split ends, or getting a little trim, your stylist has your back. And while they may make it look effortless, their job is a work of art.  So, if you want to show some love to your favorite stylist, here are four easy ways to do it. Trust us, a little appreciation goes a long way in making someone’s day.

Book A Return Appointment

One of the best ways to support your Stylist is by booking your return hair appointment. Not only does it show that you value and trust their work, but it also allows them to plan for future projects. 

If you’re not ready for a full cut or color yet, schedule an appointment for a trim or a deep conditioning treatment. This will help keep your hair healthy and also help your Stylist’s schedule and business.

Find a salon near you to book your next appointment.

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Refer a Friend

Another great way to show appreciation is by referring a friend or family member. Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most powerful forms of promotion. When you send peers to the salon,  you’re helping spread the word about their business.

Most salons offer discounts and special offers for referrals. Your friend may get a great deal, and you can feel good knowing you helped your Stylist build their client base. 

Hair Cuttery and Bubbles salons offer $5 off for you and $5 for your friend for every referral completed. Sign up for our Referral Program here.

refer a friend programs for salons

Buy Quality Hair Products

Purchasing hair care products your Stylist recommends benefits you and supports them as well! High-quality products help maintain and enhance your hair style.

Investing in high-quality products help you keep your hair looking great. It also shows that you appreciate your Stylist’s advice and respect their job.

Plus, you’re helping your Stylist; a percent of the sale goes to them! Doesn’t it feel nice to contribute to someone’s career growth?! 

Shop in a salon for professional products. 

Follow and Share on Social Media

Following their professional social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook can help you spread the word about them and make it easier for people to book an appointment with them. It’s also a good way to find out about any special offers they may have.

Posting about someone’s work or saying something nice to them can make them feel good. It will also encourage others to do the same. Show people love by doing this!

Follow Hair Cuttery Channels to stay connected with all things hair, style, and discounts. 





following your stylist on social media
behind every fabulous hair day is a salon professional

Hairstylist provide us with conversations, good advice, and a nice atmosphere each time we go. They make us feel confident and happy. Stylist Appreciation Month is the perfect time to thank them. 

You can book another appointment, tell your friends about them, buy their favorite products, or follow them on social media. These are all easy ways to show appreciation.

Take some time this April to thank your stylist and support their business! Happy Stylist Appreciation Month!

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