Celebrating Black History Month with Hair Care

February is Black History Month, which gives us the opportunity to celebrate the art of textured hair care. These techniques have been perfected over centuries, and we want to share our Stylists’ best tips with you. So here are our Textured Hair Specialists’ best tips and tricks to care for your wavy, curly, and coily hair!

Knowing the type of textured hair you have is key to providing your hair with what it needs, and using essential hair care products in a consistent routine is the most effective way to care for it.

“Being a coily hair girl, I had to FALL IN LOVE with my curls. I pamper them, condition them and give them protein when needed for full, shiny, bouncy curls.
Starr Mason, Field Education Leader. Hair Cuttery
Starr Mason
Field Education Leader
S textured hair, curly and full of body
Z textured hair care and best products for caring for it

Feel your strands: if they are soft and easily manageable with an S-like curl pattern when wet, your hair will usually have lots of body and movement. Tight coils with a Z-like texture, when wet, are densely packed with a thicker and coarse structure. Coils can look frizzy and lack definition.

Shampoo and conditioners with natural ingredients, oil-based serums, and mists to lock in hydration and shine are ideal for curly and coily hair. Each product serves its purpose, but some key ingredients to look for are Jojoba Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Aloe, and Shea Butter.

Cibu’s Curl + Coil Product Line is perfected with all-natural ingredients to help strengthen, de-frizz, moisturize, define, and rejuvenate curls and coils.  These products will help keep your hair healthy and strong. And the CBD Product Line is excellent at retaining moisture, leaving you with manageable hair that’s easy to style. 

The journey to proper hair care starts with finding the right stylist who is knowledgeable about all hair textures. Once you find an amazing Salon Professional, book regular appointments for trims, deep conditioning treatments, and other necessary maintenance.

A Woman’s hair, her crown, is a source of pride, expression of creativity, and beauty and is an essential part of African-American culture. Understanding the needs of your hair and taking good care of it can help promote healthier and more manageable hair from the roots to the ends.

Whether sporting protective styles, loving bright fashionable colors, or just looking to restore your natural curl pattern, all can benefit from specialized shampoos, conditioners, masks, and oils that give your locks all the strength, hydration, and nourishment they need!

Celebrating unique textures involves so much more than simply taking proper care of your hair – it’s also loving every coil, curl, wave, and twist! 

To start your Curly + Coily Hair Regimen and learn more about Cibu’s products, book an appointment at a Hair Cuttery or Bubbles Salon near you.


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