Styling Products for Healthy Hair

Styling Products for Healthy Hair

We all want healthy, luscious locks that make us feel confident and beautiful. While proper hair care routines play a huge role in achieving this, the products we use are just as important. That’s where Cibu® comes in – Cibu is designed to provide you with the best products for healthy hair that are not only effective, but also inspired by natural ingredients. Founded on the belief that when it comes to hair, nature knows best and this expanded line of styling products reflects just that.

Your Favorite Products are Back - Reimagined

Found at Hair Cuttery & Bubbles salons, Cibu styling products are back. Fans of Cibu’s old styling products will be happy to know that the best sellers are back with a new and improved twist. Introducing these new premium styling products – revitalized, reimagined, and better than ever! Experience beloved Guest favorites guaranteed to transform your hair. Our commitment to hair health shines through with thoughtfully chosen natural ingredients across the line. 

Revamped and Rebranded

If you’ve been a fan of Cibu for a while, you may have noticed some changes in the branding. That’s because we have completely revamped and rebranded our styling products to better represent our mission and values. Our new packaging is not just eye-catching, but also reflects our commitment to using natural ingredients, better describes how to use each, and promotes hair health.

Old Product
Frizz Fix Straightening Balm+Keratin
cibu frizz fix straightening balm
New Product
Keratin Straightening Balm
Keratin straightening balm cibu

Keratin Straightening Balm offers a multitude of benefits, including locking out humidity and frizz, providing protection from thermal styling tools, and being the perfect choice for achieving straight, sleek styles that leave your hair smooth and silky. 

Sticky Rice
Matte Pomade
cibu matte pomade

Matte Pomade, formulated with nourishing Beeswax, not only hydrates your hair but also delivers exceptional control, making it the perfect choice for shorter hairstyles. It adds texture and a touch of personality with a modern matte finish.

Fiber Paste
cibu fiber paste

Fiber Paste, featuring ground Mica minerals, introduces a subtle, light-reflective shine. This versatile product offers a medium-hold flexible pomade, enriched with expanding fibers for both hold and pliability, making it an excellent choice for styling all hair types.

High Density Vol Cream
Volumizing Cream
cibu volumizing cream

Volumizing Cream, enriched with Bamboo Extract, effectively promotes thicker, softer, and smoother hair. This lightweight creamy alternative to mousse is perfect for fine hair types, offering both volume and heat protection for a versatile styling experience.

Shimmer Smooth Cream
shimmer smooth cream cibu
Smoothing Lotion
cibu smoothing lotion

Smoothing Lotion, featuring nourishing Argan Oil, not only seals the cuticle but also enhances hair health. This anti-frizz hair lotion is specifically formulated to expedite blow-drying and deliver smoother, straighter results, simplifying your styling routine.

Blow Dry Accelerator
cibu blow dry accelerator

Blow Dry Accelerator, enriched with Argan Oil for heat protection and Sunflower Seed Oil to prevent breakage, efficiently speeds up the blow-drying process by dispersing moisture with nano silicones. This versatile product is suitable for all hair types, offering a faster and smoother blow-drying experience.

Shine Squad Mist
cibu shine squad mist
Nourishing Oil Mist
cibu nourishing oil mist

Nourishing Oil Mist, infused with Argan Oil, instantly nourishes the hair while offering heat protection during styling. The mist provides a lightweight shine to your finished style, leaving your hair looking and feeling radiant and healthy.

Shine Squad Argan Oil
Nourishing Lightweight Oil
cibu nourishing lightweight oil

Nourishing Lightweight Oil is a blend of Argan, Linseed, Safflower, and Sesame oils that deeply nourish the hair. It offers versatile benefits, including heat protection when applied to damp hair before styling with just 1-2 pumps, effectively eliminating frizz and providing humidity protection when smoothed over a finished style.

The new Cibu styling products are a complete upgrade. With improved formulas and a focus on natural ingredients for hair health, these products are sure to become your go-to for achieving beautiful and healthy hair. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to the new and improved styling products!

For access to the latest Cibu products, you can either shop in-salon at your nearest location or conveniently order online at

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