Air-Drying for All Hair Types

Air-drying how tos

Summer’s hot days are here and the last thing you want to do is spend time baking under your blow dryer! Air-drying is the way to go! Save major minutes and the health of your hair with these simple, heat-free styling tricks. First tip is to assess your hair type into one of three categories: Wavy, straight or curly. Not all hair behaves the same, so follow the techniques for your hair type to get the best air-drying results possible. Equally important are the right hair cut and styling products to enhance your natural texture and keep hair frizz free.

For Wavy Hair…

The air-drying look is all about creating waves, so your natural texture of wavy hair gives you some versatility. First off, the ideal haircut for this look is lots of layers. A mid-length cut with rock-and-roll layers was made for waves.  It activates your natural texture by getting ride of heaviness. For voluminous waves, scrunch mousse into damp hair. We love Cibu Mousse Lee! Go for beachy waves with an overnight technique. Sleep in two damp braids and in the a.m., unravel and add salt spray to bump up the boho waves. Give Redken Beach Envy Wave Aid a try! The third look is loose waves. Run a styling cream through towel-dried hair, then wind hair into a low bun to elongate the waves.  Redken No Blow Dry Just Right Cream is made compliment this style by providing we


For Straight Hair…


While straight locks are often a challenge to curl, they can lend well to bending with the right cut and products. The ideal cut for air-drying straight hair is blunt ends. Graphic cuts like lobs and bobs maintain their bold shape. Here are three steps to effortless hair. First, a little grip keeps hair from appearing too perfect. You’ll love Cibu Thread Case Texture Paste. Use this moldable texture paste on towel dried hair to add texture and flexible hold with a satin finish. While hair is damp hair, grab sections on both sides of your part and twist each away from your face. Tuck them behind your ears to form swoops as they dry. Lastly, once hair is dry, shake out the twists and finish with volume spray like Cibu High Top to boost roots.

For Curly Hair…

The biggest battle with curly hair is frizz, so we’re going to share four ways to fight frizz. Start with a fresh cut. Ideally a geometric shape works best for defined curls. A pyramid cut with long layers leaves curls full at the bottom or go for shorter layers that lift the curls. Fight frizz by washing with a de-frizzing shampoo & conditioner. Our curly guests are obsessed with Redken Curvaceous haircare line. Post-shower, use a soft cotton t-shirt to squeeze out excess water. The fibers in a regular towel can rough up curls and create frizz. Keep your hands off your curls- too much touching can create frizz. Seal the smoothness on your air-dried style with a few drops of hair oil to smooth flyaways and add shine. Cibu Gloss Drops is perfect for the job!


As mentioned, a good haircut keeps your style fresh and hair healthy. Just walk in to your local Hair Cuttery for a touch up and pick up any of the products mentioned in this post. If you have any questions, please consult with one of our Salon Professionals who can consult you based on your hair type and needs.  Enjoy your summer and let those air-dried waves flow! See you soon at Hair Cuttery.

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