cibu® CBD Moisture Fights Frizz and Flyaways

Fight Frizz and Flyaways with cibu® CBD Moisture

The fight against frizz and flyways can seem like a losing battle. Whether you have naturally straight, wavy, or curly hair you have probably already surrendered to the fact that even the slightest drop of moisture in the air makes your hair quadruple in size. If you avoid humidity has your hair under attack, your hair is actually trying to tell you something–it’s THIRSTY!

Our cibu® CBD Moisture collection weightlessly adds and maintains moisture that offers supple flexibility, body and manageability for all hair types. Steven Waldman, Hair Cuttery Family of Brands Technical Director & Product Consultant, answers questions about which cibu CBD moisture products protect against the floofiest frizz & flyaways.

What causes frizzy hair and flyaways? Are there any differences or similarities between the two?

Hair that still appears healthy and shiny, but a bit unmanageable and unruly is usually considered a flyaway. While frizzy hair appears dull and damaged with an opened outer cuticle layer giving it a rough texture. Some causes of frizzy and flyaway hair are damage/compromised condition, lack of moisture, humidity and the hair’s natural texture. Curly and coily hair that does not have a defined pattern naturally can be more susceptible to frizz.

What are your favorite ingredients in an anti-frizz conditioner? Which ones should we avoid?

Our cibu CBD Moisture Conditioner contains light-weight natural oils like argan, sunflower seed and jojoba along with shea butter. These are some of my favorite ingredients to moisturize, soften and control frizzy flyaway hair. Stay away from harsh cleansers like sulfates and parabens that leave a waxy build-up that inhibits the hair’s ability to absorb moisture.

What are the best shampoos for treating frizzy hair and why are they effective?

CBD Moisture Shampoo moisturizes and softens the hair with Argan Oil. The pure CBD promotes a healthy scalp which will contribute the right amount of natural oil for frizz and flyaway control.

cibu CBD shampoo and conditioner

Anything else readers should know about which products to use for treating frizzy hair?

Avoid shampooing your hair too much, sometimes all your hair needs is a thorough rinse and some conditioning. Our cibu CBD Moisture Leave-In conditioning Spray Cream is a great product that can be used on damp or dry hair for this very reason.

When it is time to shampoo, concentrate your cleansing at the scalp, rinsing the lather through the mid-lengths and ends will do the necessary cleaning without stripping your hair of its essential moisture. Also, keep the water tepid/cool, not hot. Hot water will scald your hair, stripping away all of its moisture and condition. Hot water will leave the cuticle raised giving your hair a dull, lifeless and frizzy appearance.

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