Cater to Your Curls: cibu® Curl & Coil Collection

With so many unique waves, curls and coils of all kinds, cibu® Curl & Coil hair products provide the moisture, shape, and nourishment needed to show off every luscious curl.

The collection is botanically inspired with aloe, jojoba, and sunflower oil that cleanses and hydrates without feeling greasy or heavy. You’ll enjoy safe ingredients and sulfate-free formulas for color-treated hair–making each product gentle enough to use everyday. Plus, you’ll quickly find that when used as a full hair system, cibu Curl + Coil puts movement back into your curl pattern that brings your hair back to life!


With over 500 salons across the country, our Stylists serve Guests with every hair type imaginable. Those same Stylists helped develop product solutions to solve the most common curly concerns. Our new cibu Curl + Coil collection offers a completely customizable product family that moisturizes, softens and nourishes to preserve your natural texture for frizz-free full-body bounce and shine.


How long does it take to style and keep your curls from looking frizzy and staying shiny and healthy? It all starts with moisture. A bi-weekly moisturizing routine is a great start. Styling can be easy, depending on the style. After using Curl + Coil Shampoo and Conditioner, apply styling products in small sections. Sometimes, you may need to layer different styling products to create your desired look. Keeping your hair tamed at night with a silk bonnet can allow you to have an easier morning routine.

Tips for minimizing frizz for coily type 4 hair? How should they brush/air dry their hair after the shower? It depends on the density of your hair. Work in small sections. Apply cibu Curl + Coil Moisturizing Mask after combing out each section with a large tooth comb. Two-strand twist each section to help keep the hair manageable and to control the curls while the mask marinates for 5-15 minutes.

Leave In Spray

How should those with coily hairstyle their hair? This texture is very fragile. It may appear that it can handle anything, but it can’t. Make sure you handle it with care! Your styles are still limitless! It’s about your own creativity and commitment to keeping your hair moisturized. Please note that shrinkage is REAL. To elongate your curls, you can try braid-outs, flat twists, rod sets or a simple wash & go. Help your curls stay fresh with a little refresh with Curl + Coil Leave In Spray Cream. Our cibu Curl + Coil Collection is versatile enough that it provides the same level of moisture even if you wear your curls straight or style with heat! Your blowouts and silk presses will surely bounce and behave!

Where can I find these products? Visit your favorite Hair Cuttery® or Bubbles® salon to pick up your supply. Our salons have curly hair specialists that will get to know your curls and understand how much moisture/protein they need. They’ll help make routine recommendations for when you need a treatment or trim.Select products may also be available online at

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