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Hair Products for Fall

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As the seasons change, it’s best practice to change up your hair products as well.  There are several factors to take into account when transitioning from the warmer to cooler temps.  For one, the air is less humid.  This is great news to reduce frizz, but if you’re using your summer products, it can weigh down your locks.  Cooler weather also means your hair is exposed to dry air which can go from the warm indoors to the cold outdoors.  Add in hats and hoods and now you look like you styled you hair with a balloon- static alert! No worries! We have the latest in innovative professional products to solve any hair issue. Check out what’s new at Hair Cuttery:

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Hair Products at Hair Cuttery

You can find all the products mentioned in this blog post at your local Hair Cuttery. Purchase Cibu in salon or online.  Be sure to ask your stylist what kind of products she/he recommends for your hair type, based on your hair color history and how you like to style your hair.  They are the true experts in providing the best advice for your hair needs. Stay tuned for more great professional product recommendations and be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest tips and tricks.

Happy Fall y’all from Hair Cuttery!


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