Benefits & Uses of Redken Brews Hair Products for Men


Wondering if your daily men’s grooming routine is doing everything it can for you? Maybe you’re tired of using a ton of different products to achieve your favorite hairstyle or are looking for something that can keep your beard looking its best. Whatever the case, we’ve got the answer with Redken Brews. Read on to see how the new lineup of REDKEN men’s grooming products can help streamline and simplify your grooming routine.

Men’s Haircare Products

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The key to great hair is all about giving your hair the care it needs without a lot of timely maintenance. Redken Brews Men’s Shampoos & Conditioners cater to all hair types making it easy to find the best match for you. Looking for something to combat built up oil that will give you a deep clean feel? Try Extra Clean Shampoo. Don’t forget to add moisture and detangle your hair with the Daily Care Conditioner. No time in the morning? If you are always on-the-go and need a shower routine that gets you in and out quickly, try using the 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash.

Men’s Hair Styling Products

Redken Brews hair pomade products

Redken Brews men’s styling products offer new and updated classics with a fresh look. No matter the style you’re going for, there’s a pomade to get you there. If you’re into a slicked back pompadour, start with the new Wax Pomade for mild control that holds hair in place without making it feel hard and stiff. Or, if you don’t want hair that looks too perfect, Clay Pomade can give it roughed-up texture. For curly hair, play up your natural texture with Grip Tight Holding Gel which helps define curls without leaving behind white flakes.

Haircolor for Men

Redken Brews Color Camo product bottle

If you’re noticing gray hairs, but aren’t ready for the salt and pepper look, Color Camo Men’s Haircolor is for you. It’s an in-salon service that only takes five to ten minutes depending on how much camouflage you’re looking for, so you can stop by during your lunch break for a quick fix.


Just walk in or check-in online with the Hair Cuttery App to get a fresh haircut for the new year and stock up on all your grooming essentials from REDKEN Brews! Talk to your HC Salon Professional about which products are best for you and don’t be shy to ask about blending away your grays with a Color Camo service. Plus, take $5 off any REDKEN Brews product purchase from 1/16- 2/26! Make a resolution this year to take care of yourself in every way possible!

This post originally appeared on the The Redken Blog and is published on the Hair Cuttery blog with their permission as part of our ongoing partnership.

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