Styling Tools for Beach Waves

Being at the beach can be therapeutic for some of us and the way the salt water makes hair look and feel is something worth mimicking throughout the year. Trying to achieve the perfect beach wave requires the right products and hot tools to get the correct amount of texture and wave. Wondering what the secrets are— keep reading!

Must-Have Products for Beach Waves

Beach Waves product Cibu Spraycation

Before styling your hair, you’ll want to add product that either provides light hold, texture or volume. Sea salt spray is a great option to add texture so your hair really feels and acts like it’s been in salt water, try Cibu Spraycation Wave Spray for an amazing result. A mousse or gel with light hold and volume will give your beach waves enough hold to keep them from falling straight but will not keep the wave too tight making it look too refined, try Cibu High Density Volumizing Cream which includes thermal protection. Add product to damp hair and let it fully dry, whether by air or hair dryer, then grab your styling tools to make the wave. When completed, spray with Cibu Finista Flexible Finishing Spray to set the look then add a little pomade to the ends to create perfect separation.

Styling Tips for Beach Waves

While curling, remember not to hold the iron to the hair for too long. It does depend on the iron and the heat setting, but only a few seconds should set enough curl. If your iron has a heat setting, be mindful what it’s set to—fine hair should be at a lower heat setting while coarse hair can handle a higher setting. Not being mindful of these things can lead to damaged hair, and no one wants that!

No matter the tool you’re using, to make this easier and more efficient, you’ll want to section your hair. It’s as simple as taking one large clip and sectioning all hair to the top with the exception of the bottom row of hair, about an inch thick. Once you’ve curled that section, take down another row about an inch thick and continue this until all the hair is curled. You can adjust how thick each section is depending on how much wave you’re hoping to have. The smaller the section, the more wave there will be.

Woman with long hair making beach waves with curling iron

Beach Wave Tools

The most common tool to already have is a wand or curling iron. Wands look like traditional curling irons minus the clip. The idea is to hold a section of hair and wrap it around the wand, holding it in place for a few seconds. The ends of the hair remain in your fingers and do not meet the heat— straight ends add to the ‘unpolished’ look of the style. If you only have a traditional curling iron, you can use it as a wand by simply pretending the clip is not there and winding hair over it. However, this does not mean that a regular curling iron can’t also create beach waves. You could begin creating a curl while holding the iron vertical and moving the iron down the shaft but leaving out the ends. For both wand and curling iron, winding the hair in different directions without following a strict pattern will create a more natural wave pattern than a repetitive curl.

No Beach, No Problem

Though going to the beach on a regular basis would be nice for many of us, the reality for most isn’t likely so learning how to create beach waves at home will perk your mood no matter where you’re headed. Chat with your Hair Cuttery Professional about color and a cut that would really accentuate your stylish beach waves!

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