Frizz Taming Hair Products to Try

The sun is out and warm weather is upon us but, wait, so is frizz! Frizz is not welcomed by most but tends to make a hard debut as soon as summer arrives regardless of what we want. Luckily there is no need to panic once you learn the causes of frizzy tresses and how to combat them.

What’s This Frizz Bizz?

There are many products on the market to help with frizz, and recommending some will happen next, but first let’s dive into what frizz is and when to expect it the most. Simply put, frizz happens when hair lacks moisture. This could be naturally occurring (especially with coarse hair or unpigmented hair) or it could be a side effect of chemical processing which changed the structure of your hair or from the use of hot tools.

Pretty much anything that happens to our hair, from just being out in the elements to extreme chemical processing, lifts the outer layer of the hair, the cuticle. Once this layer is lifted, the hair strand has changed. This can occur from sun exposure, living in an area that’s frequently windy or having a bad habit of vigorous hair brushing. It can also come from coloring, lightening, perming, relaxing, blow-drying, curling or flat ironing. Once that cuticle is lifted, the hair begins to lose moisture. And when this hair meets some summer humidity, it causes the moisture-deprived components to swell and well, poof (or frizz!).

To combat some of this stress to the hair,

  • Keep it covered when out in the sun or wind
  • Limit hair brushing as this motion down the hair rustles the cuticle from its cozy resting place. Hair brushing is important to stimulate the scalp, move oils along the hair shaft (which promotes moisture) and remove shedding hair, but don’t over-do it. Keep it to once or twice a day (unless your hair is curly, then try to only comb when conditioning).
  • Don’t over-process your hair by changing the color every few weeks or perming/relaxing on the regular. Chemical services are safe and fun when done by your Hair Cuttery stylist, but know that your hair has limits before its moisture level is totally compromised.
  • Try to let your hair air dry. Any opportunity to not use heat on your hair is a positive step toward moisture retention. Instead, try Cibu Spring Roll Curl Shaping Cream. It’s designed to control frizz, enhance movement and accelerate dry time leaving hair soft with a no-product feel.
  • If you must use heat tools, use a thermal protector! Check out some of our favorites: Redken Satinwear 04 and Redken Iron Shape 11, which both protect up to 450 degrees and control frizz.
  • When you don’t want to worry about the day anymore, and certainly not think about your hair, rest your head on a pillow dressed in a silk pillowcase. Your hair will softly glide over the silk as you turn during the night causing less friction than on a traditional pillowcase. Less friction equals less disturbance to that cuticle.

Products Not to Miss for that Frizz

Frizz Dismiss before and after picutureFrizz dismiss model with curly hair

Though you will try hard to avoid it, it may still come. Listen, don’t stress it—with these products your hair will be moisturized, smooth and frizz-free. And you… you’ll be one happy, hair-loving, rejuvenated soul. Trying to tame frizz with curls, waves or straight hair in the heat and humidity isn’t the easiest task which is where the Redken Frizz Dismiss line is a lifesaver. With sulfate-free shampoo and ultra-hydrating conditioner, frizz won’t stand a chance. Your curls will be nourished, defined and frizz-free. To pair with Redken Frizz Dismiss hair care are some amazing, frizz-fighting styling products which are sure to define your curls or smooth your locks, add shine, bounce, and control.

Redken One United is a great all-around product. It conditions, nourishes, improves manageability, detangles, seals split ends (don’t forget the importance of getting these trimmed!), controls frizz, shortens blow-dry time, lowers risk of heat damage and adds shine. What else do we even need to say? This is a must-have for anyone with hair!

A finishing product is just as important as a good conditioner. And an even better one controls frizz along with holding your style.

  • Water Wax 03 is a water-based shine defining pomade that has a flexible hold and anti-frizz control, staying moist throughout the day
  • Forceful 23 is a maximum control finishing spray that is 24-hour humidity resistant with 8-hour hold, provides anti-frizz and volumizing strength, though touchable with high-shine
  • Control Addict 28 is an extra-high hold hairspray that has 24-hour control and humidity resistance, though it’s anti-frizz formula is flexible which allows for brushing and restyling throughout the day

All of these products are amazing and will be your front-line fighters against frizz. Talk to your Hair Cuttery stylist about which products will be best for you and your hair type. Also, ask about ways to help prevent frizz if you’re unsure if your daily routine impacts your hair’s moisture level.

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