A Little Competition Can Influence A Lot of Motivation

At Hair Cuttery Family of Brands, our Stylists love to go out and win! When we’re all on the same team and working toward the same goal, a little competition can influence a lot of motivation.

Every week, our Stylists are competing to beat their personal best in service sales and home haircare commission. Every month, Stylists are competing amongst their salon teams to win our MVP Award for embodying our core values. Every quarter, we roll out contests that allow salon teams to win big prizes as a group. We also host a WOW Conference that recognizes our top performers for a variety of award categories for their hard work all year long!

Competing for Your Personal Best

In our salons, Stylists don’t have to compete against each other for promotions. We have ten tiers, from Salon Professional I to Master Designer II. Each level jump comes with an increase in base pay and commission revenue. The best part? How quickly and how often our Salon Associates get to “level jump” is completely up to them!

If a Stylist wants to “up their own stakes,” our My HCB Access app gives them a competitive edge. Stylists can conduct a “what if ” analysis to see potential earnings:

    • What if I sold more home hair care products?
    • What if I worked additional hours?
    • What if I rebooked more Guests?
    • What if I made more money?

Testing these different scenarios helps them know when they will qualify for their next promotion and links directly to their “My Professional Goals” dashboard. The app can display 13-week averages of a Stylist’s sales metrics that essentially act as their own competitive analysis.

Competing as a Team

In addition to competitive technology, we also equip our Associates with important “soft skills” such as mastering our MVP values (Real, Responsible, and Respect). Each month our Leaders review the MVP value of the month and Associates nominate peers who have embodied our values the most. This monthly recognition system allows salon teams to support and uplift each other in reaching their personal goals.

We are also constantly coming up with new contests and challenges so our salon teams can win big prizes as a group. For our Salon Refresh Contest, Hair Cuttery® salons competed to win a salon refresh if they had the highest home haircare revenue! A few salons have already won and received beautiful upgrades.

In our 12 Days of Holiday Challenge, salon teams competed for 12 chances to win a state-of-art ring light for having the highest home haircare percentage to total revenue. We were lucky to have winners representing all five of our Regions.

At the end of 2021, every single Hair Cuttery® and Bubbles® salon competed to help us reach an ambitious year-end revenue goal. Of course, our salon teams know how to beat a challenge and each of our 500+ salons won cash to fill their backroom fridges, while each Stylist won a Starbucks gift card.

Lastly, our WOW Conference is the biggest competition of them all. This highly anticipated extravaganza gives our Stylists and salon teams the year-long ambition they need to overachieve. Over 150 of the best Stylists and salon teams in the business get invited to the company-wide celebration based on targets they’ve met in-home haircare sales, service commission, and upholding our MVP values.

Yes, you could say we have a competitive culture. But, it’s all in the name of fun, and our Associate Promise to provide limitless opportunities for our Associates to live their best lives.


By Dana Kliefges, VP of Salons & Salon Operations, Hair Cuttery Family of Brands

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