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Growing your career as a stylist or salon leader takes more entrepreneurial strategy and creativity than guests can imagine. As a recent beauty school graduate, you’ll likely start your career as a receptionist, get quickly promoted to shampoo assistant, then become a licensed stylist!

However, in some salons, you may start to realize your promotion potential is limited. Although you’re building your book and gaining more experience, you might find yourself hitting a ceiling with how much career advancement is actually possible.

At established salon chains like Hair Cuttery and Bubbles, becoming a stylist is just the beginning.

Our salons offer eight Stylist levels:

    • Salon Professionals 1&2
    • Designers 1&2
    • Senior Designers 1&2
    • Master Designers 1&2

Not only does the base commission increase with each jump, but Stylists receive home hair incentives that can boost your service sales commission up to an additional 15%!

What’s unique about Hair Cuttery Family of Brands is that our onboarding process is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. We know there’s only so much you can learn at beauty school or catering to the same Guests every week. In certain states, we’re able to start that training while cosmetology students are still enrolled.

Our School-to-Work Program bridges the gap between recent graduates and thriving Salon Professionals. Apply within 30-60 days of graduation, complete our online hiring process and we’ll help you start on the path to success. Once accepted, participants are welcomed into our salons on a part-time basis with access to nearly the same blended educational tools as our full-time Associates.

Oh, and did we mention the program is paid?

Our blended education model offers daily, live, virtual training, in-person seminars, and a full library of pre-recorded videos Stylists can access on-demand through a training software called the HC Learning Lab.

There are 3 educational levels:

    1. Foundational – essential hairdressing skills
    2. Advanced – next-level color and haircutting and;
    3. Trend-driven – a combination of foundational and advanced strategies to recreate popular salon looks

These courses are led by a team of field education leaders and regional artists who have decades of experience with all hair types.

In addition to technical training, we equip our Associates with important “soft skills.” Associates meet with their leaders on a monthly basis for professional development meetings (PDMs). During these meetings, our leaders help Associates establish career goals, track progress and become their accountability partners.

Through custom technology, like our HC/BB Stylist App, we provide a platform for Salon Professionals to view their service sales, home haircare revenue and request count. Real-time metrics from the app help Stylists have a much better sense of how they qualify for promotions and what they need to adjust to earn more.

Roughly 90% of School-to-Work participants get promoted to Salon Professional, allowing beauty school graduates to launch their careers behind the chair instead of behind the front desk. We also recognize our Salon Professionals are talented and ambitious which means everyone’s path to success isn’t always linear.

You could join a salon as an entry-level stylist and later find yourself in a salon leadership role, on the training team, or in a salon support role at headquarters. That’s the benefit of having a large salon corporation rallying for you to reach the top. Whatever the ‘top’ looks like for you. We invest in our Associates at every stage of their career to ensure they have limitless opportunities to live their best lives.

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