Instilling Confidence in Our Stylists By Encouraging Them to “Speak the Unspeakable”

At Hair Cuttery Family of Brands, we instill self-confidence into our Salon Professionals by encouraging them to be proactive problem-solvers who “speak the unspeakable.” While our Stylists may already feel comfortable exuding self-confidence in front of their Guests because they know their craft, our job as a company is to equip them with the tools to radiate self-confidence when they need to lead their salon team or interact with executive leadership.

One of the first steps to improving self-confidence is tackling it during a Stylist’s professional development meeting. The goal of conducting monthly professional development meetings is to give Salon Professionals one-on-one time with their leaders so they can establish career goals and track their overall progress.

Our Salon Professional Advisory Board is an entire platform we established to give more Stylists the self-confidence to speak up. The board provides a forum for two-way conversation that encourages trust, open dialogue, and transparency. The board is a group of 11 representatives with varying tenure at HCFB who meet bi-monthly with our CEO, CMO, and HR Leadership to discuss the latest management ideas affecting salons.

The meetings serve as an opportunity to amplify the voices of our Stylists, enabling them to offer perspectives on new product and service ideas, give feedback on how to operationalize company priorities, and offer solutions to challenges we are solving as a company with confidence.

Additionally, our leadership team hosts monthly virtual town halls where Salon Professionals can raise questions directly to our CEO on the spot. We strive to recruit and retain top, passionate talent, and we want to create and drive a culture and policies to facilitate an environment where our employees are happy to come to work every day and aren’t afraid to speak up!

When we decided to redesign our CIBU haircare line, we wanted our Stylists to feel confident using the products and recommending them to their Guests. We’re proud to say CIBU was developed by our Stylists and formulated to meet their needs as haircare experts. We surveyed our entire Stylist community to hear their feedback on the packaging and new product concepts. Our Stylists were at the forefront of branding discussions by offering input and testing products.

Self-confidence is embedded into our company philosophy. Our mission is to “create human connections by giving the confidence of style.” Our Guest Promise is to “deliver an exceptional hair experience and confidence boost, one Guest at a time.” We are literally asking our Stylists to give confidence to others all the time. Our professional development meetings, Salon Professional Advisory Board, and “Speak the Unspeakable” motto is how we give Stylists the confidence they need to grow as industry professionals.

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