Live Your Best Life as a Six-Figure Stylist: 6 Steps for Success

There’s plenty of advice on how to secure your first $100K as a hairstylist. But that’s just a starting point for a long-lasting career that supports the lifestyle of your dreams. Following these six steps will put you on a path to successfully and consistently earn $100K or more, year after year. In the words of Elle Woods, “What, like it’s hard?”

Step 1: Consultations
As long as the outcome is income

Consultations are the most important part of a Guest’s visit. It’s the first step to creating a human connection that turns them into a repeat customer. This introductory conversation allows you to learn about their needs, set their expectations, and make them feel comfortable.

Use this one-on-one time to show your expertise. Avoid asking negative open-ended questions like, “What don’t you like about your hair?” Instead try, “What can we do to change your hair today to make it better for you?”

Consultations are also the perfect time to upsell! Asking “How often do you plan on coming in for touch-ups?” or “Do you have what you need at home to maintain this style?” sets you up for an instant rebook, service add-on, or product purchase.

Step 2: Financial education
Mind the business that pays you

Financial education is the life hack to steadily increase your earnings. Get a good grasp of your salon’s commission structure. Estimate the number of services you need to be booked or products you need to sell to reach weekly sales goals. At Hair Cuttery Family of Brands (HCFB) we provide our Stylists with the technology to calculate service dollars and test sales scenarios in real-time from your phone or POS system.

Once you’re in the six-figure bracket, let your money work for you. No matter how much you love styling hair, you deserve to retire one day. HCFB advocates for financial literacy and offers 401K retirement savings to give our Stylists an investment tool to build additional wealth.

Step 3: Advanced training
Pay attention, so attention pays you

Learn it all, and master what you prefer. Even as your confidence and experience grow, take advantage of any advanced training your salon offers. Become your Guests’ go-to Stylist for all their favorite services. Mastering the more complex, top-dollar services–corrective color, chemical treatments, hair extensions–will maximize your earning power behind the chair.

Step 4: Time management
If it makes dollars, it makes sense

Multitask without sacrificing an exceptional hair experience for your Guests. Depending on the service, you can take care of multiple Guests at once. Finish a bomb blowout while you’re waiting for the color to process. Cut a bangin’ bob while your other Guest is under the dryer. Monetizing your downtime takes teamwork and excellent time management.

Step 5: Save on supplies
It’s all about Benjamins, baby

You’ve got more Guests coming in every week, great! Only now you’re going through products like crazy. Replenishing your own product may not seem like a huge monthly expense. But, fast forward to the end of the year and that’s hundreds you could be saving. All HCFB Stylists have access to our vast merchandising resources so they don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for products.

Step 6: Career growth
Stack that money, honey

Your rates and commission should not be the same as when you started. As you grow so should your compensation. Level jumping brings you closer to that six-figure finish line in a shorter time frame. Every HCFB Salon Professional is equipped with a Career Path Guide that outlines promotion potential for easy career planning.

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