Stress-Tolerance for Stylists

We know how much Stylists love using their talent and skill to provide the confidence of style to each and every Guest. But even Stylists who love their jobs and their Guests can still find themselves in stressful situations. Whether it’s Guest-related, salon-related or money-related, at HCFB, we provide a number of resources to help promote stress-tolerance and time management. In fact that’s one of the main functions of our Stylist Support Center!

Don’t Skip Consultations

Consultations are the most important part of a Guest’s visit and can actually be a time saver and stress reliever in the long run. This introductory conversation allows you to learn about their needs, set their expectations, and make them feel comfortable. Use this one-on-one time to show your expertise. Avoid asking negative open-ended questions like, “What don’t you like about your hair?” Instead try, “What can we do to change your hair today to make it better for you?” When a consultation is done with intention, you can avoid a potentially stressful situation of a Guest not being satisfied with their look or being upset about the price for their service.

Multitask Within Your Means

Learn how to multitask without sacrificing an exceptional hair experience for your Guests. Depending on the service, you can take care of multiple Guests at once. Finish a bomb blowout while you’re waiting for the color to process. Cut a bangin’ bob while your other Guest is under the dryer. Monetizing your down time takes teamwork and excellent time management. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. At HCFB everyone in your salon is on your side, you have fellow Stylists you can lean on for assistance or learn from Stylists who have mastered it.

Money-Related Stress, We Built an App for That

After realizing that 72 percent of stylists across the country lived paycheck to paycheck (according to, we wanted to find a tech solution that alleviated any financial ambiguity. Our HCB Access App offers the capability to track earnings in real-time, test service/product sales commission scenarios and set financial goals. With access to the salon’s daily and weekly performance metrics, stylists can now conduct “what if” analyses, calculating their earnings based on guest count, home hair care sales, as well as referrals, and re-books.

Prior to the launch, salon teams relied on backroom posters and monthly town halls to track their earnings. Now, Salon Professionals get push notifications and alerts anytime there are important updates. A highly graphic platform, the My HCB Access app caters to visual thinkers and creative individuals. The app also helps Salon Professionals visualize their earnings with images of shampoo bottles that fill up as they service guests and reach their commission-based goals.

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