Balayage Trends to Try This Season

Coloring your hair can be subtle or bold, high maintenance or low maintenance… if you’re intrigued, continue reading to learn about balayage. Balayage allows precise placement of color by your Hair Cuttery Professional in the perfect way to accentuate your best features and allow a seamless grow-out process.

What is Balayage

Balayage is a technique to highlight or lowlight the hair through a process of painting. Your HC stylist will take sections of your hair and use a freehand technique to apply the color or lightener. Each balayage process will be different and tailored to your hair wishes. What a lot of guests love about balayage, is that as the hair grows out, the roots aren’t obvious like a traditional foil process. When the color or lightener is applied, it is blended up to the top so you will not see a harsh line of demarcation with regrowth. Needless to say, it is a lower maintenance way to achieve amazing color!

Balayage Trends for Fall

Balayage Trend Bronde

Hair by Rianna @rhidomyhair

Balayage Trends redhead

Hair by Jess (@jessderbyhairstylist)

Balayage trends blonde

Hair by Rachael (@rachaelkattbeauty)

 Here are some balayage-trending color options:

  • Bronde: pretty much any combination of brown and blonde. If you have a rich, dark base, some caramel and honey highlights will make your base color pop and your skin glow. With balayage, these highlights can be integrated in a subtle way leaving your hair looking beautifully sun-kissed. If your base is a lighter brown, adding balayage highlights of golden blonde will add dimension and make hair look lustrous.
  • Red: whether your hair is red or you’re ready to go red, balayage is a seamless way to integrate a new hue. If your hair is a warm brown, opt for a lighter red this time of year, like copper, strawberry or rose gold. If your hair is a warm dark brown, copper highlights will look perfectly natural while highlighting the warm undertones in your skin. With lighter brown or dark blonde hair, rose gold highlights will give you the bright pop of color.  Are you naturally a redhead? Playing with your color, even in a subtle way, will accentuate it so beautifully. Adding warm, golden blonde highlights will add beautiful sun-kissed dimension.
  • Blonde: With your light base, it’s far easier for you to get that platinum blonde. With balayage, adding lighter, cool blonde through your mids and ends will leave your hair practically drool-worthy. So, if lightest light and coolest cool are what you desire, give it a try. If you wish to deepen your root to add more dimension and less root maintenance to your balayage, ask your Hair Cuttery stylist about a shadow root.

Styling Your Balayage

When styling, many wear their hair in curls, usually the loose, beach wave type. Beach waves really show off the dimension in your hair. It allows for underneath sections to be on top and create the effect of ribbons of color through your hair. If you’re interested in finding the right hot tool for beach waves, checkout Styling Tools for Beach Waves. Of course, there is no rule that you have to curl your hair as wearing it straight will also be beautiful.

Balayage is a rather low maintenance hair coloring technique. However, you’ll want to see your Hair Cuttery Professional from time to time for a trim, toner and maybe a face-framing retouch. To keep your color looking truer longer, talk to your Hair Cuttery Professional about using pigmented shampoo and to develop a great hair care regimen.

Balayage trend

Hair by Ashley (@paintedhair_by_ashley07)

Ready to change it up for fall with a new balayage trend? Book your appointment online and get some inspiration from the HC Lookbook that features looks by HC stylists! Pictures really help your stylist see what your hair goals are and can work with you to achieve the best results. Lastly, we highly recommend adding in Redken pH Bonder to your balayage service to protect hair during the lightening process.

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