It’s February: Are you sick of winter yet? Yes? We soooo hear you. The endless gray, the numbing cold, the dullness. If you’re more than ready to shake up the seasonal dreariness (and who could blame you!), may we suggest supercharging your tresses with pop of seriously bold color? Say hello to Pulp Riot, the best brilliant hair color company around. Whether you want a shock of pop or are looking for a major, head-turning, all-over moment, stop by one of our salons and get ready to color your world.

But first… some facts about Pulp Riot:

This semi-permanent dye—offered in 15 customizable shades, from ultra-vivid to pretty pastels—is applied directly to your hair without any peroxide, so it’s gentler (read: less damaging). Since it coats just the outside of the hair, the color gradually fades through 20-40 washes, lightening evenly over time, which is a major plus for commitment-phobes who don’t want permanent color. Pulp Riot is cruelty-free, vegan and free of silicones, ammonia and parabens. Oh, and one more fun fact: it’s powered by quinoa (!), which delivers amazing shine.

Color, color, everywhere!

So many colors to choose from! What color would look best on you? It depends on the undertones in your skin. To figure that out, check the veins in your wrist in natural daylight. If they look blue or purple, your skin is cool-toned. If the veins look green or olive, your skin is warm-toned. Can’t tell?? Lucky you: You might be neutral, which means you have more flexibility. For cooler skin tones, think blues, lilacs, violets and light pinks. Warm skin tones can rock hot reds, lemon yellow and warm corals.

Goodbye Minimalism, Hello Maximalism!

Rock allover color, be it a single statement hue or a rainbow mix.

male model with vibrant blue hair
model with all over blue hair color and rainbow highlights

Chic Fade

Shift hues in a gorgeous ombre of flame reds and vibrant violets.

model with long blue violet hair with bright purple highlights

Posh Piecing

Create a striking mix with alternating pieces of color.

model with long, layered bob in bright yellow and bright purple streaks
model with pink, violet and lavender hair cut in short bob

Mermaid Hair

Embrace your inner sea goddess with long, flowy locks in aquatic hues.

model with long, multicolor highlights on blonde hair, mermaid hair trend
model with long, multicolor hair, mermaid hair trend

A Pop of Color

If you don’t want the allover look, try adding a pop of color to hair ends or framing the face.

model with blonde hair, fading to pink and purple hair tips
model with silver hair roots and pink tips

Think PINK for breast cancer awareness.

Do you have a friend, co-worker or family member going through breast cancer? A pop of bright pink hair is a fun, colorful way to show your support. Add a touch of pink or embrace the shock value and take it all the way!

model with bright pink hair roots and pastel pink tips, cut in a bob style
model with vivid pink hair with purple highlights

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