Dusty Pastels-Which Shade is Right for You?

Dusty Pastels- Find your shade!

You may be asking- What does Dusty Pastels mean exactly?  Think of it as a subtle take on vivid hair color. If you’ve gone with bold vivid color, you may be looking for a shade that is lower maintenance and very on trend this season. You got all the know-how on how to take care and maintain the color once you make the switch. The only problem now is you have no idea which shade to go with! So much to choose from: baby blue, light pink, lavender, rainbow, balayage, ombre, full color. Hair Cuttery is here to help you choose the right option for pastel colored hair based on your natural hair color, mood, and even your personality! Just in time for the start of spring and festival season-we got you covered!

Dusty Pastels- Pink

Pastel pink hair at Hair Cuttery


Dusty pink is such a pretty option. Honestly, you can make it work no matter what shade of hair you have, you just have to adjust the shade. Those with natural red hair or dark hair should go for a more peachy pink, while those who are naturally blonde should go for a cooler-toned, icy pink. The beauty of this color is that it can work for the girly-girls as well as the risk-takers.

Dusty Pastels- Ombre/Balayage

Ok, so maybe you chose your color but the thought of putting it all over your head is still terrifying. This is just one reason we all still love the ombre or balayage look! Not only is it super pretty and stylish, but it’s also a safer option to get a pop of color without losing your natural roots.


Dusty Pastels- Lavender


Pink is not everyone’s favorite, and any other color may seem too much. That is why dusty lavender is a good choice for the ones who want something pretty, but not too pretty or not too bold. Whether you get it in balayage, ombre, highlights or all over color, it will definitely be a hit!

Dusty Pastels- Rainbow

It goes without saying that this look is for the daredevils, the wild cards and those looking to have a good time! This will be a popular look this year amongst the festival goers. The pastel version of the rainbow, unicorn hair gives us the cotton candy feels and we are here for it!

Pastel lilac, pink and blue hair color at Hair Cuttery

Dusty Pastels- Blue


We got the blues but we are definitely not sad! Pastel blue can range anywhere from baby blue to more grey toned and any of them will work. This is especially a good way to go for brunettes!

Now you know what you want and what will look best on you so no more excuses- Go get pretty in pastel! Need some more inspiration? Check out the HC Lookbook to browse more vivid looks and share with your HC stylist.

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