Pumpkin Spice: Hair Color Trend for the Fall

Pumpkin spice, anyone? Coffee, donuts…hair? Yes, please! As we welcome autumn, many of us welcome everything pumpkin spice… even our hair color. With the transition of each season, it’s a perfect time to change the color of our hair and get inspo from Mother Nature. Over the summer, we wanted to be lighter and brighter, and now come fall we want to be darker, richer and warmer. If you’re wondering what to do with your hair color this fall, come to Hair Cuttery where our stylists will give you the perfect shade of pumpkin spice to upgrade up your look.

Pumpkin Spice Has Options

Pumpkin Spice hair color

Hair by Taryn at HC Hollymead Town Center in Charlottesville, VA.

Pumpkin Spice hair color

Hair by Kelly at HC Stoney Creek Shopping Center in Springfield, PA.

If you were one of the many who added highlights to your hair this summer or possibly went solid blonde, you might be looking for a little change to your hue. Or maybe you want to revive your tone for the season to give you that burst of color. Whatever the scenario, pumpkin spice hair color is all the rave at Hair Cuttery. Here are some different ideas to incorporate the beautiful, amazing, show-stopping pumpkin spice glam:

  • All-over color. Depending what your beginning hair color is, this could be a bold choice or a subtle burst of color. Pumpkin spice isn’t one set color, but is predominantly copper red with tones such as auburn, strawberry blonde and dark brown throughout. Depending on the level of darkness you want and the desired highlighting hues, your Hair Cuttery Professional can tailor a warm, autumnal hair color to you that will make your eyes pop and skin glow.
  • Highlights. If you have a darker base and want to add lighter bursts of pumpkin spice’s beautiful coppers and reds, lightening sections of your hair then finishing with a perfect warm tone will have you feeling one with the season. With highlights, you can choose to be quite subtle with a few thin sections, or go with a heavy highlight to make your base color look ultra-dimensional.
  • Lowlights. Coming out of summer, many of you may fall into this category. It’s time to ditch that heavy blonde or caramel color to something deeper and warmer. Same as with a highlight, there is precise control with adding a lot or a few lowlights. This darker color is going to deepen the appearance of your base and possibly help blend in some regrowth by extending this darker color throughout your lengths.


 Another thing that might help make your decision to embrace this great color option, is that the permanency level is variable. You can dive in and ask for our REDKEN Color Lacquers permanent hair color that will stay truest to color until it grows out or is recolored, and covers 100% grey. Or you can opt for a  REDKEN Shades EQ demi-permanent color, which will fade slowly and gradually, giving you a longer-lasting option but a less committed option than permanent.

Maintenance Tips for Pumpkin Spice Hair

Like any hair color, there is a level of maintenance we recommend to keep your color true and long-lasting. Follow these tips to maintain your pumpkin spice color as long as possible:

  • Use color care products like Redken Color Magnetics line or Cibu Color Shampoo & Conditioner. These are paraben- and sulfate-free, nourishing and protective to help minimize fading.
  • Don’t wash too frequently. The more you wash, the sooner your color can start to fade; this is less of an issue with permanent color, but washing too often can still lead to fading. In addition to maintaining shinier, more lustrous color, it’s also generally healthier for your scalp and hair to be moisturized through the body’s natural oils. Washing your hair every day strips it of those oils.
  • Refresh your red. Keeping your color refreshed is sure to keep you happy. Depending on the level of permanency, shade of pumpkin spice color you choose and the condition of your hair, you may want to refresh every 4-6 weeks to 10-12 weeks. Chat with your Hair Cuttery Professional about a schedule that would work for you and your hair care needs.
Pumpkin Spice hair color hair care by Redken
 Whether you’re new to color or a seasoned pro, adding pumpkin spice warmth into your look this season will leave you feeling refreshed and stylish. For some inspiration, check out our HC Lookbook and go to the Redhead filter for more Pumpkin Spice looks. After you’ve achieved your perfect fall hair color, remember to tag your selfie with #MyHCLook! You could be our next HC Fan of the Month and get a customize prize pack and a dedicated feature on our social channels. Happy Fall y’all from HC!

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