Hair Color Guide for your 20s

Being in your twenties really is all about self-expression while you figure out who you are. So now’s the time to go wild… with your hair color, that is. We’ve put together some of our fav hair color hues to rock through this fantastic decade.

Bold Hair Color

Hair Color Guide in your 20s girl with blonde hair and pink balayage hair color

Hair by LaKeisha R. (@KbeautyHC)

Pulp Riot is an amazing semi-permanent color that your Hair Cuttery stylist can create a unique look just for you. Fashion or Vivid hair colors are exciting and full of self-expression. Pulp Riot gradually fades through washes but doesn’t disappoint while it changes. The ease of this semi-permanent color allows the flexibility to try many colors without damaging your hair. If you only want a pop of vivid hair color, try some peek-a-boo highlights. These highlights are placed throughout the under portion of your hair and are noticeable when your hair moves in certain ways, is curled and sometimes when pulled up.

Hair Color Basics

Starting your career might limit you on wild, vibrant colors depending on your profession, but you can always make a change

within the realm of natural shades, even if they’re not naturally yours. Have you ever thought about going blonde? Now’s the time! What about transforming into a redhead? Give it a try! Always desired a dark, rich brown? Don’t wait any longer! Discuss with your Hair Cuttery stylist what shade and tones work best with your skin during your consultation. Need some color inspo? Check out the HC Lookbook and show your HC stylist a photo of the hair color you’d like to achieve. Just remember not to over-do these drastic changes because they can really take a toll on the integrity of your hair. It may be a process to get to the final results you want with healthy hair intact.

Hair color cherry cola red on 20 year old woman

Hair by Kristina (@hairplay_bykristina)

Subtle Hair Color

hair color guide young woman with bronde balayage

Hair by Lyndsey (@loudohair)

For a subtle hair color change, Balayage is a great way to add low maintenance high or low lights that grow out in a soft, natural way. Depending on the upkeep you desire financially or personally, this application process of hair painting will make you feel career-hunting ready and date-night glamorous. Check out of blog on Balayage Trends to try this season.

Whatever hair color you’re considering, chat with your Hair Cuttery stylist about the best professional products to use to keep your hair healthy and your hair color protected. It’s sad but true, your twenties will come and go pretty fast, so make the best memories because you’ll have fun looking back at pictures someday and saying, “WOW, my hair was amazing!”

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