NEW Redken Color Lacquers

NEW Color Lacquers

You know about lacquers for your lips and nail polish. Imagine that same shine and saturation with your hair color! Your HC Stylist can create the perfect  haircolor with ultimate shine using Redken’s NEW Color Lacquers! Redken Color Lacquers is a permanent haircolor that can provide amazing gray coverage or give you a root to tip bold new look. Ask your HC stylist how to get ravishing red or beautiful brunette with this amazing new haircolor!

What is lacquered permanent haircolor?

Color Lacquers

Think of it as “liquid shine.” Lacquered haircolor is permanent color that is deeply pigmented. That means it provides rich color and lustrous shine. Some hair colors can potentially come out looking dull, but with lacquer haircolor, the pigment is strong enough to look opulent and stay looking that way. It’s  like you are “lacquering” your hair with color and shine.


Who is lacquered haircolor for?

“Lacquers are especially great for guests looking to cover unwanted grays with minimal dimension”, says Redken Artist Twylla Jane. It can be used on anyone, though, specifically anyone looking for a color with intense saturation and exceptional coverage. Those looking for color correction can see huge results from trying a lacquer color with their HC Stylist. “This haircolor will have more of a monochromatic end result,” says Twylla. “If a guest is looking for a highly dimensional natural end result with a subtle high and low lighted effect this may not be the color line for them!”

Color Lacquers

Can lacquers be used on any color hair?

color lacquers

Yes! The colors work with blondes, brunettes, warmer tones and reds. In fact, Redken Color Lacquers come with new red dye technology that will help achieve total coverage for various red shades. Ask your HC Stylist about using lacquer haircolor as a perfect pairing with a Shades EQ hair gloss to achieve the look you’re going for. Plus, if you need grey coverage, you’ll love this new haircolor line!

How can you keep a lacquered haircolor look going strong?

Make sure you talk to your HC Stylist about exactly what color you’re trying to achieve and how to keep it there in between visits. We recommend Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo or Conditioner for daily color haircare. The shampoo is sulfate-free, meaning it’ll keep your hair rich with its natural oils to keep the color going strong. Available in all HC salons or purchase online now!

color lacquers
This post originally appeared on the The Redken Blog and is published on the Hair Cuttery blog with their permission as part of our ongoing partnership.

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