New season. New COLOR!

Gray skies, snow-covered streets, black clothes (the better to hide slush stains!)… the winter months aren’t exactly filled with bright color. Seasonal blah’s may have you down, but don’t let it stop you when it comes to your hair color. Winter 2020 is a time of contrasts—so whether it’s ice-queen blonde, rich red or deepest, darkest brunette, these fabulous new hues can liven up your look, even on the dreariest of days. And while no color ever goes completely out of style, certain shades do have their moments. So what are the “it” hair colors for right here, right now? Below is a sampling of our fave shades of the season.

model with rich, chocolate brown long hair


Oh, brunettes, how we adore this gorgeous, saturated shade for winter! It was a strong contender last summer, but during the colder months of winter we’re taking it a bit richer and deeper. Looking for added drama? Go ultra-dark and add depth with plum “mulled wine” undertones. A plus: Mahogany looks great with practically everyone’s skin tone.


Rich caramel or copper highlights are like a kiss of sunlight (even in the snow), bringing gorgeous warmth to chocolate or chestnut brown hair by blending two shades of brown (as shown here), it results in incredible depth of color.

model with blended balayage brunette roots to warm blonde tips


We still love this oh-so-flattering (and wonderfully low-maintenance) blonde-brunette blend; it’s like getting the best of both worlds with less upkeep! Give the color a soft fade from dark roots to blonder tips. And to brighten the look, try framing your face with blond pieces.

model with dark, curly hair


If light hair just isn’t your cup of tea, take your tresses in the opposite direction with a dramatic black or almost-black color. It’s a classic that always looks chic, year after year. And the glossy, glassy finish looks absolutely amazing when it catches the light.

model with platinum blonde, soft wave hair


Light blonde (aka platinum) is gorgeous for winter. Two great examples of this trend were seen at this year’s Golden Globes: Michelle Williams’s wavy bob (LOVE!!!) and Charlize Theron’s sleek platinum pixie (which positively lit up Instagram). Not ready to take the all-platinum plunge? Babylights are a beautiful way to lighten up your blonde tresses without fully committing to the all-over, single-process look.

model with honey blonde balayage hair


As pretty in winter as it is in warmer months, this is a great shade for blondes and brunettes who don’t want their color to look too severe. Jennifer Lopez has mastered the honey blonde hue, brightening her naturally dark brown locks by shifting to golden brown with warm blonde highlights.

model with pink and orange faded hair put up into a bun


Pink and rosé shades are always a fun choice. Take it super bright (we’re thinking of you, World Cup soccer champ Megan Rapinoe!), or soften it up in a strawberry pink pastel. Want to dip your toe into the pink color trend before going for an all-over look? Consider testing the waters with dip-dyed ends, like Demi Lovato.

model with strawberry blonde curly hair


Red is red-hot for 2020, and the good news is in the variety of shades available. Want to keep it lighter? Strawberry blonde is a great option. Here, Nicole Kidman transforms her usual blonde locks to a deeper, warmer note, starting with blonde roots and shifting to gorgeous coppery strawberry at the ends.

model with fiery red hair


No matter how cold it is outside, the heat is on with this head-turning hue. As vibrant as a flame, this gorgeously glossy shade is red-hot—read: not at all brassy. We love the way it looks on Amy Adams.

model with cranberry colored hair


You might not be eating much cranberry sauce post-Thanksgiving, but this deep, berry-red hue reads almost fuchsia for a look that’s positively stunning in winter. If you don’t want to take it all the way, you could consider cranberry highlights or lowlights… or try a cranberry ombre.

model with dark root faded to silver then pink tips


Speaking of wintry beauties… embrace your inner ice queen with an shimmery silver hue. We’ve seen this shade on the runways and red carpets more and more—and we just adore it for its over-the-top drama and gorgeous metallic sheen. Keep it sleek and chic (as seen on Cynthia Erivo at this year’s Golden Globes), or add some depth to the smoky ice trend with shadowy roots.

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