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Pulp Riot- The Healthy, Commitment-Free Choice for Vibrant Color

About Pulp Riot Vibrant Hair Color

What is Pulp Riot? A direct dye line of 16 vivid and pastel semi-permanent shades. What does that mean? A direct dye is a color that you don’t need to mix with peroxide, so it is gentle and lives on the outside of your hair. Permanent hair color opens the hair cuticle and the color goes into your hair shaft, making it more damaging. Pulp Riot is also 100% vegan, ammonia free, cruelty-free, and powered by quinoa! Yup, it is pretty much the safest way you can get these bright colors in your hair. Now, just in time for Summer, they are available at Hair Cuttery!!

Pulp Riot Vivid Hair Color swatches

Why We Love It

Pulp Riot model with soft blue hair color

Aside from the product being clean and semi-permanent, there are numerous other reasons we recommend using this line to get a bold new shade. As we mentioned, there is a wide range of colors to choose from-16 shades. However, if none of those float your boat, your HC stylist can customize color or colors just for you. They just have to mix with the “Clear” shade to make a color lighter or the “Noir” shade to make it darker. Also, direct dyes can be tricky, but Pulp Riot is easy to apply, gives you striking color, lasts long and fades nicely. So, that royal blue you decided to do won’t turn into a nasty green after a week. Instead, with the right aftercare, it will fade into just a lighter version of the original color after a few weeks.

Keep Your Vivid Hair Color Vibrant

The products you use in your hair after your color application will make all the difference in how it stays and how it fades. Make sure you always use a heat protectant before blow-drying, curling or flat-ironing! We also suggest using the latest sulfate-free technology made specifically for these vivid and vibrant colors. Matrix created Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner. After your shampoo, spray the Keep Me Vivid Color Lamination Spray on your hair, wait 1.5 minutes before conditioning. This product is awesome for prolonging color! Using this system, your hair color can last for up to 21 washes and benefits from increased shine. Plus, get $5 off each product with any Pulp Riot color service from now thru June 24, 2019!

Pulp Riot stays vibrant with Matrix Total Results haircare
 So there you go! No reason to fear any longer. Pulp Riot is gentle to your hair, isn’t permanent and it WILL look fabulous! Go into your nearest Hair Cuttery location and ask for Pulp Riot! Need more vivid hair color inspo? Check out the HC Lookbook to see more vivid looks and share with your stylist to get the best results.


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