4 Myths about Permanent Haircolor

What is Permanent Haircolor?

We know that the idea of using a permanent haircolor can be intimidating. But under the care of a salon professional, it doesn’t have to be! Let’s face your permanent haircolor fears together, by setting the record straight on 4 of the most popular myths associated with long-lasting color.

Myth 1: It damages your hair

Permanent Haircolor

Hair by Ashley M. at HC Roosevelt Mall

While it’s an understandable concern that permanent hair dyes can wreak havoc on hair strength and elasticity, permanent haircolor and extreme damage don’t go hand-in-hand when left up to a professional. After a professional permanent haircolor service, your hair will still look and feel amazing, even while sporting a new shade.

Since no one wants to leave the salon with straw-like, dry, brittle hair, make sure to opt for a salon service to protect your hair when it gets colored. Redken’s pH-Bonder protects bonds, helps restore the hair fiber and smooths the hair cuticle, so strands are stronger, shinier and softer. Ask your Hair Cuttery Salon Professional about this new add-on to your color service!

There are also several things you can do at home keep your newly-colored hair in great shape, such as using a deep-conditioning hair mask, like Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics Mega Mask, on a weekly basis or using a shampoo for colored hair, also from Color Extend Magnetics, to gently cleanse and prevent fading.

Myth 2:  You’ll get flat coverage that screams “FAKE!”

Opting for permanent haircolor doesn’t have to mean coloring your hair just one shade. Dimensional color is a gorgeous possibility. Our Double Dimension value package is an excellent option to mix a lighter and darker shade.

Since most people have natural highlights in their hair from the sun, opting for permanent dimensional haircolor will add depth and promise more natural-looking results.

Permanent Haircolor

Hair by McKenzie at HC Severna Park

Myth 3: It’s only meant to cover gray hair

Permanent Haircolor

Hair by Krizia at HC Marketplace at Chews Landing

Permanent haircolor is a wonderful option for concealing gray hair since it’s typically available in a larger variety of shades and will provide longer-lasting results than a demi-permanent haircolor.

But covering grays isn’t be the only reason to opt for permanent haircolor. Trendy haircolor looks like ombre and balayage often incorporate permanent haircolor at the root in addition to lightener for the ends. In order to create a natural-looking gradient. It’s an excellent option since it’s easy to maintain with root touch-ups.

Myth 4: If you go lighter, your hair could turn brassy

Brassiness can happen whenever your new haircolor starts to fade away and the natural pigments of your hair that weren’t lightened away with bleach or haircolor start to surface. While brassy hair is certainly annoying, you can postpone or make brassiness less likely to occur in the first place by taking the necessary lightening measures.

Carefully choosing the right shade off the bat—one that has a good amount of cool tones—can help you avoid that dreaded orange tinge from later revealing itself later.

Permanent Haircolor

Hair by Lindsay at HC Culpepper Colonnade

The best way to choose a permanent haircolor that will compliment your undertones is to consult with a HC Salon Professional. Find a Hair Cuttery salon near you for the ultimate Redken haircolor experience. After your color service, be sure to share your new look on Instagram or Twitter with #MyHCLook, and you could be our next Fan of the Month! You’ll get a customize prize pack just for your hair needs. Plus, your look could be featured on the #MyHCLook photo gallery.

This content has been annotated from an original post on the The Redken Blog and is published on the Hair Cuttery blog with their permission as part of our ongoing partnership.

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