REDKEN pH-Bonder 101

Did you know that coloring and lightning can take a toll on your hair? Great news! All Hair Cuttery salons now offer REDKEN’s new pH-Bonder service that helps reduce breakage, improve hair’s elasticity and overall health for colored hair.

What happens to your hair during a professional color service?

Redken pH-Bonder

If the hair isn’t protected during chemical services, the strands can become brittle, dry, or even break off. With REDKEN pH-Bonder, you can protect hair prior to your chemical service.

In order to color your strands, your stylist has to lighten your hair to deposit the haircolor. Each time hair is lifted, the bonds that support the hair strand can weaken.

What is REDKEN pH-Bonder used for?

REDKEN pH-Bonder is a two-step system that adds strength during chemical services.

This solution ultimately reduce hair breakage, while also improving hair’s strength, elasticity, smoothness, and shine. REDKEN pH-Bonder has the power to do all of this while protecting your hair’s bonds.

What happens during REDKEN’s pH-Bonder service?

During the service, your Salon Professional will add the Bond Protecting Additive into the lightening mixture and apply it to your strands. After hair has processed, your Salon Professional will apply the Fiber Restorative Pre-Wash Concentrate to work for ten minutes and then rinse. This pre-wash will help restore the hair fiber and smooth the hair’s cuticle for improved strength, shine and softness.  It’s that easy! In fact, this simple two-step system is done in the salon during your typical appointment and can be added directly into the lightening solution.

Redken pH-Bonder

REDKEN pH-Bonder is the bodyguard that your hair needs to help keep breakage at bay. As REDKEN Education Development Manager, Siddeeqah Raoof puts it, “pH-Bonder acts as a buffering agent to help prevent damage from happening”.

As any color chameleon can tell you, dealing with damaged hair can be a nightmare. By using REDKEN pH-Bonder, your Salon Professional can help to ensure that your hair rests easy. Think of it as sunscreen for your haircolor. Chat with your local Hair Cuttery Salon Professional to learn more about REDKEN pH-Bonder service and how it can improve the strength and health of your hair.

How to protect your hair at home

Now that you’ve taken the necessary step to protect your hair during a color service, you can optimize the protection at home with REDKEN Color Extend Bonder system. The Color Extend Bonder kit is a 3-step system. Step 1 is a pre-shampoo treatment. You simply apply to damp hair and leave on for 5 minutes. Step 2 is shampoo and Step 3 is condition. Use the Color Extend Bonder system for 2 weeks after a lightening or color service. After the 2 weeks, resume your normal REDKEN haircare routine. This extra care will keep color fresh and hair looking and feeling healthy!

 This content has been annotated from an original post on the The Redken Blog and is published on the Hair Cuttery blog with their permission as part of our ongoing partnership.

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