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Sexy Silver Hair Tips for Men

Grey Hair = Silver Fox

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Enhance your grey hair with silver dyed hair. It’s a sexy look for both men and women, and is a trend on the upswing that your Hair Cuttery stylist can help you achieve. Not only does hair color give you a certain look, but styles and products play a large role in emphasizing a color. Silver is stunning, but it does require a certain amount of upkeep and maintenance to keep it looking sensationally sexy. However, if you’re on the other side of this trend and are looking to conceal some of your natural grey hair, your Hair Cuttery stylist can help with that too!

Calling All Silver Foxes

Say you are just beginning to turn salt and pepper and want to enhance the change, or your hair is pigmented but you love these sexy silver styles and want to join the trend, coloring your hair silver can be fun but requires time and a professional hair stylist. You will want to begin by meeting with your Hair Cuttery stylist who will assess the condition of your hair and explain the process. If your hair is in good health, preferably virgin (uncolored), the first step will be removing all the pigment from your hair until it resembles the color of the inside of a banana—and that’s really blonde! The darker your hair, the harder this will be, so be patient but once the desired level is achieved and the silver dye applied, you’ll be on your way to new-found-sexiness.

When styling, be bold! After all, you did just color your hair silver so really own it. Try an undercut with a lot of volume on top. This will draw attention to your sexy silver hair. If your hair is fine to medium, use a medium hold and stronghold for thick hair, also using a matte product like a clay will avoid added shine which can create an unwanted appearance of warmth.

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Not Ready for Grey Hair?

Grey hair before and after color camo

No problem! Here at Hair Cuttery we understand that everyone has different tastes. If going silver, naturally or not, isn’t what you desire, there are options. Genetics might be getting the best of you and you’re noticing more and more gray around your hairline and it has you down, but you also can’t stand the thought of sitting in the salon for too long or deal with tremendous upkeep…step in: Redken Color Camo.

Our Color Camo service is perfect for men who are not ready to embrace the natural shift to gray and don’t want to put much thought into the process. Here’s how it works: your stylist will apply a tailored formula of Redken’s ammonia-free Color Camo to your hair at the sink bowl, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, condition, cut (if desired), style and done. Only adding ten more minutes to your regular appointment will subtly camouflage your emerging grays.

Worried about how it will grow out? That’s understandable because there are many coloring techniques— this color is stronger than semi-permanent so will last longer than a predictable amount of washes but is not as stringent as a traditional permanent color which will spare you a line of demarcation with new hair growth. It’s a gentle and perfect way to blend the age of time in with your youthful locks enabling you to rock the sexy you who you’re familiar with.

How to Maintain Silver Hair Coloring

As with any color, the less you wash the better. If your hair is now silver, using a purple pigmented shampoo like Cibu Platinum Shampoo will maintain a truer color longer as it deposits some pigment and combats natural warmth. If the silver begins to fade, a touch up color with your Hair Cuttery stylist will revive the tones on the previously lightened hair.

Moisture is another large element. If you’ve dyed your hair silver, the process to achieve this sexy color likely took a lot out of your hair so adding moisture back into it will be optimal for its health. Moisture will not only make hair feel better, but will make it more manageable. With that said, the days you wash and don’t use pigmented shampoo and conditioner, a hydrating duo will likely be recommended (or just a shampoo if that’s what you prefer). If you’ve tried our Color Camo service, you’re sure to love the sexy look of your youthful, pigmented hair but `you will still want to incorporate moisture because, colored or not, those new grays will lack moisture compared to your naturally pigmented hair.

The key factor to great hair is maintaining it properly. If you’re now silver or combating silver, you are sure to find your perfect level of sexy after talking with your local Hair Cuttery stylist. Together you can discuss what look will be best for you and your hair type. Whether you decide to dye your hair silver or keep it looking rich with pigment, wear your sexy style with conviction!

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