Redken Shades EQ: What is Demi-Permanent Hair Color?

Many things in life come with options and hair color is one of them. Sometimes the desire to change hair color is scary because of its permanency, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s where Redken Shades EQ, the demi-permanent option comes in! It’s the haircolor that acts like a conditioner!  In this blog, we’ll break down the options so your savvy at your next HC salon visit.

Permanent? Semi?

Many of us have heard of permanent and semi-permanent hair color, but not as many are familiar with demi-permanent. And, it’s something you’ll really want to know about. Let’s briefly touch on permanent and semi-permanent. Permanent color is the strongest of color options. It has to ability to darken or lighten (virgin hair) when you’re looking for a color change that won’t wash out or fade much. With permanent color, the outer layer of your hair, the cuticle, is lifted so color molecules can enter the hair strand. Some colors, like reds, do still fade because the color molecule is too large and the hair struggles at holding onto it; however, a chemical change has been made. When do you really need permanent color? If you’re looking for 100% grey coverage. At Hair Cuttery, we use (and LOVE) Redken Color Lacquers as our permanent hair color line.

redken haircolor bottles

Welcome, Demi!

bottles of Redken Shades EQ demi permanent colorblonde and redhead women with demi permanent hair color

Demi-permanent is great for adding depth to a hair color without drastically altering the chemistry of your hair, making it not very damaging. This color is going to gradually and naturally fade, that’s how it’s designed; however, it will last longer than semi-permanent and in some cases will not wash out completely (depending on your hair color and condition). As for grey coverage—it will give you nice transparent coverage. If you don’t mind the change that your hair is going through, transparent grey coverage is a soft, subtle way to blend the greys. The result will be more dimensional than opaque grey coverage and can create a beautiful, highlighted appearance.

If you’ve ever had your hair lightened before (highlights, balayage, etc.) and after the lightener was washed out your Hair Cuttery stylist said, “I am going to apply a toner,” that was a Redken Shades EQ demi-permanent color. It has enough power to achieve the desired color by counteracting the unwanted pigments that are exposed during lightening. Now you know what that was!

Maintaining Demi-Permanent

If you have experienced a toner application before, surely you noticed the color faded after a few washes, then likely settled in. If you have highlights and your color continues to fade and maybe looks brassy, or you want a bit of a tonal change but don’t need to be re-lightened, making an appointment with your Hair Cuttery Professional for a demi-permanent color application may be just what you need. This will refresh your color without needing to worry about a damaging effect or long process.

If your hair isn’t highlighted but you simply enjoy a different tone or richer color, making an appointment every 6-8 weeks is a good timeframe to refresh your demi-permanent color. Remember everyone’s hair responds to and holds color differently depending on your hair type, what’s previously been done to it, the shampoo you use, the type of water you have, how frequently you wash, etc.

As for washing, wash as infrequently as possible for your hair type. Not only will this help your color last, but it is also beneficial for your scalp and hair. The oil your scalp produces is an essential nutrient for keeping your hair well moisturized, with brushing being the means to distribute the oils down the hair shaft (so make sure this is part of your daily routine!). When you do wash, use a high-quality, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, like Cibu Color Shampoo and Conditioner.

Demi-permanent is an exciting way to enhance your hair color without worrying about permanence and damage. Talk with your Hair Cuttery stylist about Redken Shades EQ demi-permanent hair color options that would work for your hair and best suit your hair care needs. Need some color inspo? Check out the HC Lookbook and show your stylist at your next salon visit.

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