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Easter Seals Partnership: David and Jacob’s Story

Alicia Boal



During April Hair Cuttery is joining forces with Easter Seals, the nation’s leading provider of autism services, to spread the message of how you can help during Autism Awareness Month.  The team is ready to “Act for Autism” since many Hair Cuttery families have been touched by the condition and they need your help!

David and Jacob’s Story

Twins, Jacob and David, only weighed less than 4 pounds together when they were born prematurely.  After the twins and their mother, Susanna Bravo, were released from the hospital, they were referred to the Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Infant Program at Easter Seals Greater Houston. David joined the program right away, however, Jacob didn’t qualify, so the Infant Program kept him in their “follow along” category.

When Jacob was two months old, Susanna felt that he needed extra support. She learned about the Ages & Stages Questionnaires® (ASQ) online screening tool and used it for Jacob.  The ASQ for Jacob showed delays in his gross and fine motor skills, so he was referred to a local Early Intervention program.  Jacob began early intervention services, along with David, and is making significant progress today.

Now, Jacob is crawling and learning to walk independently.  Susanna is so grateful for the services her sons receive from the ECI Infant Program at Easter Seals.  She realizes the progress they are making is because of the support from the program.  She knows with the help of Easter Seals, and the ASQ to continue to monitor their development, both boys will continue to make progress!

How You Can Help

Approximately 1.5 million families are living with autism today.  We need your help to spread awareness and you can start now by sharing this blog post. If you want to help even more you can donate to Easter Seals by visiting your local Hair Cuttery. We will be matching a percentage of the donations we receive in-salon throughout the entire month of April. You can also donate directly to Easter Seals here:

We need your help to make a difference in the lives of children like David and Jacob.  Together we can help educate others and spread awareness about autism.