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Easter Seals Partnership: Kai’s Story

Alicia Boal



Approximately 1.5 million families are living with autism today.  During April Hair Cuttery is teaming up with Easter Seals, the nation’s leading provider of autism services, to get the word out about how you can help during Autism Awareness Month!

Kai’s StoryKai with Easter Seals

Before Kai was adopted he spent the first 28 months of his life in an orphanage in China. When Kai didn't walk, speak, or make contact with others, his new parents Scott and Chris, sought help from a pediatric specialist, who told them that Kai would be non-verbal and likely would require long-term care. That is when they turned to Easter Seals for help and guidance.

After only nine months of autism services Kai showed amazing progress. He began talking using 75 words at first and soon began stating his wants and needs, rather than pointing.  Not long after that he started using complete sentences.

Kai is now a social butterfly with his friends at school because of the help he received at Easter Seals. He is also on target with academic skills, such as, spelling, counting, reading and writing.

Scott and Chris are thrilled with their Kai’s progress and growth. “Not only was our son dismissed from all special education services, except speech therapy,” they said, “but he is functioning at an age-appropriate level. We are so proud of the accomplishments our son has made with the help of Easter Seals! His future looks bright and we are truly grateful!”

How You Can Help

With 1 in 110 children being diagnosed with autism today, it is becoming increasingly important to spread awareness. You can start educating others by sharing this blog post. To make even more of an impact, you can donate to Easter Seals by visiting your local Hair Cuttery. We will be matching every donation we receive in-salon throughout the entire month of April. You can also donate directly to Easter Seals here:

Together we can make a difference in the lives of children like Kai.  Your help is truly important and appreciated.