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Client Experiences

Patricia’s First Haircut

Why do we love what we do?¬†Well, just check out the following email from one of our clients and you’ll understand immediately. “My three and a half-year old daughter, Patricia, enjoyed her first official haircut at Hair Cuttery this week. Up to this point, her grandmother had been her primary means for a haircut a…

More Great HC Stylist Stories

Nominations for the “Favorite Hair Cuttery Stylist” contest keep pouring in, so we thought this would be a good time to share some of the latest praise from our clients. First up, Kathleine Gavin writes about her favorite stylist, Loretta Betts, who works in our Grant Avenue Salon:¬†“Loretta is the BEST! She really listens to…

Examples of Great HC Stylists in Action

Now that our “Favorite Stylist” contest is in full swing, we wanted to share a few wonderful examples of the kind of descriptions we’re looking for. Following are but a few of the dozens of glowing comments that we’ve been receiving from around the country. On Wednesday, March 16, Susana Salazar-Salomon wrote to us about…