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More Great HC Stylist Stories


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Nominations for the "Favorite Hair Cuttery Stylist" contest keep pouring in, so we thought this would be a good time to share some of the latest praise from our clients.

First up, Kathleine Gavin writes about her favorite stylist, Loretta Betts, who works in our Grant Avenue Salon: "Loretta is the BEST! She really listens to what you want but she will also tell you want looks good on you based on her training. She won't do anything that doesn't compliment your look.

"And I just LOVE her stories...My favorite one was about one of her male clients who came into the salon on his wedding day just to have gel put into his hair so that he could look perfect on his big day. He loved how Loretta did his hair so much that he came in just so she could style his hair properly...that should tell you how much people love Loretta.

"Loretta is personable and I really feel comfortable with her and I've watched other clients who have been equally impressed. Trusting your hair with someone is a big deal and Loretta knows it. Plus, she has a ton of regular customers!"

Next, Carlos Jaramillo writes about Wendy Bussie, who works out of our salon in Oak Forest in Illinois. Jaramillo says, "I believe Wendy is the best because of her dedication to her work, her spunky personality and her funny sense of humor.

"Often times, I get a haircut after work when I'm tired. Wendy makes the haircutting experience so relaxing and, at the same time, entertaining. After getting a haircut from Wendy, I leave the salon with a new burst of energy. Wendy displays great knowledge about her profession and that is very comforting. She doesn't hesitate to give me tips about how I can better take care of my hair. She'll also advise me about certain hairstyles that would greatly enhance my look. Other hairstylists that I've seen don't show that type of personal one-on-one interaction with their customers. Wendy truly cares about her customers.

"Lastly, Wendy has such a spunky personality that being a hairstylist is a perfect fit for her. You have to have fun with what you do, and you can clearly tell that Wendy enjoys what she does. That makes the customer feel very comfortable."

Those are just a couple of the many great testimonials we've received over the past few weeks. Go to Hair Cuttery's Facebook page and tell us about your favorite stylist but hurry because the contest ends on April 15.