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Hair Cuttery: Get the Facts

Alicia Boal


Did you know that your hair will grow almost 10 meters in your lifetime? That’s according to the website While this website primarily focuses on hair loss treatments, they published an interesting hair facts blog a few years ago.

Here are some of the other facts I was surprised to learn:

·         - The average scalp has around 1000 hairs per square inch.

·         - Hair is the second-fastest growing tissue on the body; bone marrow is the fastest.

·         - The only places on the surface of a human body that hair does not grow are the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands, mucous membranes and the lips.

·         - The hair of elderly people grows slower than younger people.

·         - Recent research indicates smoking can increase the chance of hair loss.

·         - Brushing the hair is more damaging than combing.

I bet even if you didn’t know these facts, your Hair Cuttery Stylist DOES.

In fact, as hair experts, Stylists have a wealth of knowledge and they love to share it with us! I’ve been getting my hair done at Hair Cuttery for seven years and my Stylist, Jay, has given me all kinds of professional advice. I follow what she recommends too, because I know when it comes to hair, she’s way more in the know than I am. It’s why she’s behind the chair while I’m sitting in it.

The cool thing is it’s all included in the great service you get at a Hair Cuttery salon. So if you want a professional consultation with a true expert, stop in to see a Stylist. You’ll walk out happy, and that’s a fact!