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Patricia’s First Haircut


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Why do we love what we do? Well, just check out the following email from one of our clients and you'll understand immediately.

"My three and a half-year old daughter, Patricia, enjoyed her first official haircut at Hair Cuttery this week. Up to this point, her grandmother had been her primary means for a haircut a few times over the years. Of course, Patricia has given herself a haircut as well on two separate occasions. The last time was about six weeks ago and she basically went from a pleasant "Dora" hairdo to a mullet in no time flat (see photo where Patricia has tears in her eyes). Since then we have let it grow and remained entertained by the style, until it finally seemed time to get her a more respectable look.

"So, I took Patricia to my HC hairstylist, Eun, who works at the King Farm Hair Cuttery in Rockville, MD. Patricia had been there several times with me and always likes to play in the kid's corner with the coloring books.

"Eun was very gentle with Patricia and treated her like any other adult customer. I explained why Patrica's hair looked the way it did. Eun propped her up in the chair, fastened the large drape around Patricia's small neck and went to work. After cutting, snipping and a nice shampoo, Eun gave her a wonderful blow dry with the ends cutely flipped up.

"Well, Patricia LOVED every minute of it. She tried to be serious and grown up about it but she couldn't help smiling while Eun did her work. The lollipop, along with the special "First Haircut" certificate, was an excellent way to end her first of many future haircuts at Hair Cuttery."

Thank you,
Karin, Mother of Patricia

Patricia tries to cut own hair at home

Patricia tries to cut own hair at home. Note the cut hair in the foreground on the coffee table.

Patricia first professional haircut
Patricia in Eun's chair, happy to be getting a professional 'do.

Patricia's first  haircut completed
Her first haircut completed, Patricia proudly shows off her official certificate and she's all smiles.